The Halfway Point

Since it has been about half the year, I thought I’d take a couple minutes to make sure I’m still on track with my goals for this year.
Run a lot! – as of wednesday afternoon I’ve logged 342 miles. Sounds like a lot to me :)
Run a half marathon. Or two. there’s one on the schedule for october 12th!
Race a couple 10ks and some 5ks. I have done one 5K and after about 9 AM today I will have run two 10K’s.
Yoga once a week. Hasn’t happened. Like at all. For some reason I don’t think it will until the minchkins are a bit bigger (or want to do it with me!).
Run at least 10 miles a week. if I count walking miles I’ve made all but 2 weeks so far.

Write a newsletter and mail it to family – maybe a christmas letter?
Be a people-gatherer. yes. This is so fun. :)
Get to 200 likes on my blog’s facebook page. This felt like a stretch at the beginning of the year since I was starting with 78 likes…but now I have 153! It might be possible! here’s my page if you’ve yet to see it!

Read 50 books. As of last saturday, I was at 34. Way ahead of schedule.
Learn how to edit photos, make albums and be generally useful in Israel’s photography business. Israel hasn’t been doing photography recently sooo. Yup. I did edit some on my own and I made a couple snapfish albums…but that’s not really photographer quality. But you know. That’s ok.
Read the bible in a year. I’m a little behind right now but I’ll make it!
My Book/Bible study is going great. We’re slowly getting through The Normal Christian Life and the book of Romans.

Go camping and hiking. check. We’ve gone once. Hoping for a few more times this summer.
Get back to doing weeklyish kidless dates. need to do this. At least every two weeks. We’ve been on a kidless date about 4 (maybe 5?) times this year. :/ we have been super busy.
Make one fancy meal a month. I did this pretty well and am maybe getting a bit better at making our meals cohesive and satisfying.
Log off of social media/blog reading on the weekends. yes. Most sundays I’ve been unplugged. Saturdays I try to do less at least depending on the day’s activities and who’s awake.

Crochet a blanket. Maybe that’s more a winter activity? Or a sitting around while tired and pregnant activity? Or a one child activity? Any excuse you use, I haven’t picked it up at all. But there’s time if I want.
Decorate the house gradually. yay! So far I’ve picked up a dining room, rearranged my living room, simplified and thought through plans for the entryway, and made the boy’s room work!
Print pictures yes. Now to disperse them. And mayhap print more.

So that is how these goals are doing. :)
How are you getting along with your goals this year?

help me with my facebook goal?


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