A Day in the life: Summer.

This was our monday. :)

Teething is a nasty thing when sleep is involved. She had a big lump on her bottom gums and one on the top last night. She is finally getting ready for teeth 2 and 3. But sleep. alas. She could not sleep on her own. So she and I camped out on the mattress in her room and did our best.

4:45 AM – I wake up next to a hot flopping baby.
5:00 – I decide to give her some medicine for her fever and sore gums and we go back to flop on the bed.
5:30 – give up flopping. move to bouncing on the exercise ball in hopes of her being able to sleep in her crib
6:00 – sleep success! And I finally get to go to my bed with my sleeping husband.
6:30 – Israel leaves to get some work done. I have him set a Ranger trap (Curious George playing, a bowl of dry cereal and an open banana in plain sight) in case Ranger wakes up before Ali and we’re still sleeping.
7:15 – Ali wakes up so I take her in bed with me.
8:15 – Ali won’t let me sleep any longer. We lounge. I make coffee.
8:30 – Ranger finally wakes up. He watches George and eats his banana and cereal.
9:00 – make and serve breakfast (Eggs and cereal). I try to squeeze in a few chapters of Bible reading since I’m trying to catch up to my schedule.
9:30 – Get babies diapered and they play. I fiddle with the blog post for the to make sure I have it right before it posts. Feed Ali.
10:30 – We go run. It’s hot and dry but I feel good thanks to a few days off.

11:00 – back at the house I drink lots of liquid and get some lunges in while the munchkins sleep. Then it’s stretching, bible, and nurse Ali again.
11:40 – i gather things for us to take a shower and come back into the living room to find Ali perched precariously on the little tyke picnic table. O.o She is such a climber.
11:45 – Shower.
12:15 – make and serve lunch of grilled cheese and tuna. Then I read some of my Barefoot Running book while we eat.
12:45 – Israel calls to say he’s coming home for a business call and would appreciate non-screaming background noise (actually he said it really nicely. I think he used the word ‘quiet’). So I decide to take the babies to the library and then to chic-fil-a to play in the air conditioned playplace because I’m a weenie and it’s 102 outside.
1:00 – I nurse Ali, Israel gets home, we leave for the library, drive around looking for a parking spot.
1:10: when we get inside the library, I pick out some books, Ranger plays with some dinosaurs, and Ali rides in the Boba carrier on my back.
1:55: we head to the checkout and scan our books and it’s off to Chic-Fil-A
2:05: I tried to get Ranger to play before we ordered anything since we technically had lunch already, but he knows the chic-fil-a routine so we had to get something to eat first. So we got actual food since he was still hungry: chicken nuggets, fries and a chocolate milkshake. And then we played with the horde of other children whose parents had the same idea. Ali surprised me by being able to climb halfway up the slide in her bare feet. She has so much fun.
3:15 – home again, home again. Ranger was asleep in his carseat so I deposited him in his bed. Ali was asleep in her carseat so she just got transferred to her room. Talk to israel a few minutes in his office
3:30 – read, do some things online, blog, and then nurse Ali when she wakes and transfer her to her crib after she goes to slerp again.
4:15 -Ranger wakes up from his nap with a cough so we cuddle with a blankie on the couch.
4:30 -Ali wakes up, nurses. The end of naptime.
4:45 – read to ranger and blog a little.
5:15 – Ali needs more attention. I put her in the carrier, dole out graham crackers, start the rice cooker, get the mail, decide what to make for dinner, dole out more crackers, make coffee for me and israel, forget mine, and start stir-fry for dinner.
6:00 – dinner is ready.
6:15 – gather babies to eat.
6:40 – israel frees himself from work to eat.
7:00. Ranger and I try to do Puzzles, Ali interferes, so we change a diaper and switch to reading stories.
7:10 – Ali and Ranger tromp with daddy. It was an unusually busy day, but at least they got a few minutes with daddy.
7:30 – Israel went to bed since he wasn’t feeling well and has an early flight tomorrow. Kids play in their room. I write out the body of this post while refereeing and playing catch.
7:35 – banana time!
7:44 – Ali inserts herself between mom and ipad and starts jumping up and down. Need Attention. Play.
7:45 – feed cats, straighten their room, put in a few more lines of this post.
8:00 – ali needs attention. Bedtime maybe.
8:02 – brush ranger’s teeth since he confined himself in Ali’s walker. Put him to bed with water and his race car. Give Ali some advil in hopes of better sleep and because of a toasty forehead.
8:05 – wonder how 4 snaps can br so hard to snap as Ali crawls away after diaper change.
8:07 – find blankie.
8:08 – nurse. Facebook. Hopefully sleep.
8:20 – bounce and then pat and sing.
8:37 – no luck. back to nurse. Blog.
8:41 – hipster quiz on facebook. Results: down home. Weird.

8:43 – Quiz again. Suburbanite. Sounds closer. Mess with blog drafts schedule.

8:52 – Lay Ali down. Hopefully. Still fussing a bit, maybe she’ll settle. Ranger is coughing in his sleep.
8:57 – No more fussing. Ranger still coughing. Think about getting out humidifier…but it is in the closet next to Ali’s head. Hrmmm. Decide to wait.
9:00 – and this is where I’m going to assume the best and call it a day. Might write some more, read, watch a movie. Will eat chocolate in some form.

And that was monday.

* usually I don’t get as much blogging done as I did today. But israel’s mom is coming to visit this week so I tried to get it in today. I was cramming.
* israel doesn’t often request quiet for a call. And usually we would just go play outside, but today was so hot and we were all presentable and fed at the right time, so I opted to go somewhere instead.
* ali is usually a lot easier to put to bed.
* I have not been super good about stretching/lunges. I am trying to get rid of my runner’s knee issues and get in the habit of stretching and strength exercises.

Do your summer days look much different from your average day during any other season?
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