What I’m Into | July 2014


It’s seems like July flew by, but it is time for my monthly tell-all-things-mundane-and-trivial post. :) So here we go:

In July I got completely hooked on a very long series so I read too much. Next month I try to read a little less. Or not. But I am 15 books ahead of schedule for my book- reading goal for the year…so maybe a good update would be to live more and read less. Leigh’s post about reading to escape got me thinking about the reasons I read so much.

But anyway.
I Read:

RUNNING!! I ran 50 miles this month with my longest run at 9.4 miles, fastest run at 9:14 pace for 1.25 miles, and one fun 10k with my Aunt.


On Their Blogs :

Overwhelmed by Big Daddy Weave
And various others. But this was a favorite.


  • I’ve been getting behind in my Bible in a Year reading program so to catch up in 1 Kings I’ve been listening to the reading on biblegateway.com while I fold the laundry.
  • I put my laundry room door back on. Even though the dryer keeps it from closing all the way it still improves the look. It had been off since we got the dryer almost a year ago.
  • I finally took down some curtains in our bedroom that came with the house. We both didn’t like them. I don’t know why that took a year and a half. I have temporarily put a pretty scarf over the sheer curtains
    I left. It is actually pretty!
  • I put up pictures in Ranger’s room! :) i’m so accomplished.
  • 20140730-122658-44818226.jpg

  • We put a baby swing in our front yard tree. They love it. I’ll have to take pictures sometime.


On My Blog:
I’ve started talking about my journey with feminism and this month I wrote about how our childhood dreams are influenced by what is culturally allowable, my thoughts on the #womenagainstfeminism problem, and how using the word ‘complementarian’ can wreck havoc in your marriage.


I updated you on my babies, simplifying my dishes, and my goals for the year. I also shared my thoughts on chapter six of The Normal Christian Life, a summer day, and some of our cheap summer activities.



What have you been into in July?
Do you blog? What have you been up to on your blog? Comment here and I’d love to go check it out!

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*I read these books on Scribd which is free the first two months if you use my link to sign up. :)
And these cows.

They make me happy.

And now I want oreos.

9 thoughts on “What I’m Into | July 2014

  1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who couldn’t make it through Gospel Powered Parenting. I tried. I really did. But it was WAY too traditionalist for me. I can rarely stomach Christian parenting books. The best parenting book I’ve read, hands down, is Daniel Siegel and Tina Bryson’s The Whole Brain Child. It isn’t a Christian book, but I think it’s incredibly valuable to the parenting world. Highly recommended!


    1. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! And yes! I loved that book too! In fact it is sitting in my bookshelf waiting to be read again :) I also LOVE Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel. Excellent insights.


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