Because sometimes? Chatter.

So I’ve been OD-ing on Parenthood. So funny. Kinda cute. Kinda real. Not the cleanest thing in the world, but perfect for getting me through some extra long days of Israel being out of town.

Work. Work. Work.

We’re hoping it will let up a little. Between a conference and the normal scheduled out of town days we’ve had a busy last few weeks and the next few are looking to be about the same.

That’s just how it goes and we’re just happy we didn’t have to move to a different state to accommodate the latest mutation of this job. It’s interesting seeing how his role has morphed and continues to change as the companies go through various stages of growth and development.

But yes. That’s just how it goes and we would love a vacation from LIFE anytime soon. Because, guys. Life has so much work and so many kids and so much stress.

Vacation vacation vacation. It’ll happen. Sometime.


Today the babies and I went to visit with my aunt and younger cousins (from ranger’s age to 10 years old) at their neighborhood pool. It was so fun. Ali and Ranger were decidedly nervous around the water and ranger only swam about half the time. But we had fun and Ranger loved watching people play and splash around. My former lifeguard and water loving self wants to get these kids to the pool more so they can learn to have fun too. And someday I’d love to get some lap swimming in because apparently cardio is my exercise of choice and swimming has core muscles as a nice side effect (affect? I’m an english major and I don’t even know. Seriously. *rolls eyes* English). Anyway swimming = fun.

And it was so lovely and fun to just chat for a couple hours with my aunt about everything and anything. I love having people who I can do that with and who just get me. And with whom I always end up with minimal overly self-conscious worries about talking to much or saying the wrong thing. My mom’s youngest sisters sort of feel like my sisters in that sense. :) super fun.


I’m convinced that I will never really be “good at” twitter. It takes too much to stay connected and thinking of how I want to say something within the character limit just kills me.

I can’t think that small. Or concisely or something

Sometimes, yes.

But often by the time I’ve narrowed it down til it’s 23 letters long I’ve decided I don’t need to say it. Really. And hashtags. Who gets that? #iknowidont (The English major in me dies a little inside right there. *shudders* Where are the punctuation and all the spaces?? Ok. Stop laughing. I'm being SERIOUS. Though I did have two cups of coffee today so that might actually be the caffeine speaking…but don't discredit my words because of that! Grammar matters! More or less.)


And coffee. Oh I love coffee. But it fills my veins with so many words I just need somewhere to spew them, happy birthday. Don't you love me?

Well, i know you do, you're here still.

Vote for me in 2042!


Grocery shopping is on the list of needs. We're out of milk and I may be forced to make ranger something besides cereal and a banana for breakfast.

Well. He actually doesn't drink cow milk and we still have coconut milk. So I may be forced to cook for me. Hmph.

Groceries in the morning.


It seems the chatter ship is sailing after the long-set sun so I suppose I should leave with a wise word or four.

Don't let cats eat grass.

Ok. Five.

But my carpet, guys???! Silly animals.

And on that note.

Goodnight, Westley. Good work. Sleep well. I'll most likely kill you in the morning.


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And this boy has the best eyes. Imho.

Look what I keep catching my girl doing!!

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