Kindness on the Homefront

So the words have been stuck in my head lately. Just stuck.

Do you know what I mean?

I have some topics all lined up that are interesting to me and make me want to write them, but waiting til I know what and how to write them somehow also becomes part of that game.

So I wait. Other words will come.

But here are some words for today.

In January I made a list of things I wanted to intentionally try to be better at and then assigned them a month each. It has been worthwhile and interesting, challenging and boring, inspired and insipid all at the same time.

A mixed bag, I guess.

But this month’s assignment is kindness and encouragement. When I wrote my list I think I was thinking of a random acts of kindness type thing for a month. But at this point I think the more necessary and thoughtful approach is to point my kindness exercises at the home front.


How can I be a little more kind to my littles and my husband each day? Are there some lasting changes I can make that will improve moral and overall encouragement levels? How can I be a kinder person to live with?

Being kind to strangers and out-of-home family members is easy and friends get a heavy dose of encouragement. But being kind and encouraging to my people in my words and in my actions is something I could work on this month. And since at this point language isn’t really their primary mode of communication I want to especially consider how to carefully extend this kindness and encouragement to my littles each day.

This does feel a little repeat of things I’ve done before, but impatience comes naturally to me and I’m better at controlling my words than I am my unspoken reactions to my munchkins. So I’ll keep practicing to make better habits and that’s the main focus.

The next mondays of this month I’ll talk a little about kindness and encouragement on other fronts.

But for now my home-front kindness is the focus.

(And in case you’re wondering how my intentional year thing is going and where all the blog posts look here! So far I’ve covered spiritual life, marriage, kids, being at home, sprucing up my home, hobbies and identity.)

Where could you be a little kinder? Do you find it easier to be kind and encouraging with words or actions? (Word are easier for me, but somehow my actions end up seeming more sincere.)

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