Run more!

Running has been going alright. I have more days than I’d like where
O just don’t want to, but usually if I make myself go I’m glad I did. And if I don’t fall into a groove within ten or twenty minutes or my legs are just dead, I let myself take it easy and shorten my loop or just walk home. These things happen and they make the next day easier and more enjoyable.

My knees are starting to hopefully feel better from my issues with runner’s knee. Otherwise known as tendonitis. Woot. Israel has me doing lunges and I’m working on my core strength and that seems to have helped. It is so nice to go from constantly hurting to minimal pain. So yes. If your knees hurt, try lunges? It’s a little counter-intuitive.

I started running barefoot some and I really like it. It’s like a reset for my feet. It helps me to be able to feel how my feet should be hitting the ground even when I’m wearing shoes. It also gives me a better way to evaluate and change up my form. And it helps to add some interest if I just don’t feel like running.

I also switched to minimalist shoes. Merrells. Omm drop. 8mm cushion. They made my feet are extra tired the first week or so. But I am really liking how I can feel where my foot lands. I can feel the ground a little better and know it if I step on a crack in the sidewalk or a rock. And just knowing I don’t have loads of wonky foam messing up my stride is nice to. They don’t squeeze my toes or make my ankles turn in weird ways. I know. I should have gotten new shoes sooner :p

There are about 8 weeks left til my half marathonh and I am excited! My longest run to date is 9.4 miles with my double bob and its occupants. I feel encouraged by the fact that I will not be pushing an extra 90lbs during my half! :) I haven’t really been following a training plan this time around. I’ve just been gradually lengthening my long runs and evening more gradually upping my weekly mileage (at about 15-18 miles now). I run almost every day. I’m going to try to add a tiny attempt at speed work in on saturday’s (and therefore sans stroller) per my husband’s coaching. :) it should be fun. not. But it should help me even out my form a bit and learn how to run a bit faster.

Speaking of form, that has been a process in itself. Last time I talked about running I was focusing on opening up my stride by lifting my legs a little more (called using my quads). I finally felt like I was the hang of that a tiny bit.

And then my husband took me on another run.

We went in the hills and since he had the double stroller I felt much less pushed than I would have had he not been weighed down by our offspring-mobile. It was fun. :) relatively you know. Hills can be painful…and who knew downhill could be painful too? We ran and ran and ran. 7.25 miles. And it turns out I had another running tweak to make. Just minor. It turns out I don’t really use normal running muscles (which is why, at its worst, my run looks more like a shuffle). My favorite part about running tweaks is that it makes me faster.

So now, these next couple months I’ll be trying to open up my stride a bit more by actually using my hamstrings and glutes, extending my long run to 12+ miles, and just working to stay injury free!

So that is running now!

The only race I have on my calendar is my half, though I might see about adding one between then and now if our busy lives permit.

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(During a 10k with my aunt..having better form for the camera!)

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