Spiritual Misfit by Michelle DeRusha {Book Review and Giveaway!}

This is where I start formally reviewing books a bit more often.


I just found out that there are quite a few websites/publishers that make it really easy to choose from a selection of books (which they send you for free free) in exchange for a review on your blog. In order to make it worth our time, I’m going to stick with books I either wanted to read in the first place or that seem to be related to topics I’m talking about here.

And since I’m sure you think books are fantastic too, every now and then I’ll pass on the love. If it is not a book I’ll go back to over and again, I’ll just wrap it up put a label on it and send it off for someone else to enjoy. :)

This week’s book was sent to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.



Spiritual Misfit: A Memoir of Uneasy Faith by Michelle DeRusha

In Spiritual Misfit, Michelle DeRusha outlines her journey from growing up a confessing every sin as a Catholic girl to a doubting faith and God in her college years, then finding and consequently growing to claim God as she learns to understand her own faith story as a unique and completely personal experience. She learned the questions she asked that seemed to challenge her faith completely actually lead her to God.

Sometimes it is hard to put yourself in the place of another person and actually feel like you understand what they’re going through. DeRusha has a relatable way of speaking about guilt, and doubt, and growth, and discovery that makes it easy to feel like you know her by the end of her story. I loved the way she dealt with doubt and how she carefully outlined that process from doubt to asking questions to a gradually deepening faith. I identified with many pieces and appreciated seeing the similarities between her own growth as a Christian and my own.

DeRusha’s voice is clear and insightful with a wry humor suited to her questioning personality. I would say, yes, read this book. You’ll find someone you know in it and have a little more idea of what is going on inside the head of someone finding their way to faith. Or you might even see a bit of yourself and be encouraged.

BTW: Her story about buying a Bible was my favorite. So funny. :)

My favorite quotes:

“Not only did I begin to understand a belief in God as altogether something more than I could ever fully degine, contain, or pin dow, I began to accept and embrace this understanding, in spite of the fact that it didn’t fit well with my everything-has-a-place-and-an-order-and-a-rational-explanation expectations.”

“Questioning, I came to understand and accept, is part of who I am. Skepticism is woven into my fabric. But I had shifted my approach. Instead of grappling with the questions, wrestling them and trying to wrangle definitive answers out of them, I simply began to strive, as the poet Rainer Maria Rilke advised, to live with and in the questions.”

“In fact, I’ve come to realize the opposite should be true: I should not have it all figured out. And if I think I do, I should take that as a red flag because it probably means I have crafted a God of my own design, a God whom I can control. Living the questions and relinquishing control is so much more challenging than fashioning a God who is entirely fathomable and comprehensible. But living the questions is also more real – a truer, more honest approach to discovering and nurturing a relationship with God.”


Read a sample chapter or check out Michelle’s blog if you’re interested in more!


So for the giveaway.

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I’ll draw a random number let you know who won when I post my next review in a couple weeks. :)

(sorry to all my international peeps, but shipping gets expensive outside of the country so this is just for U.S dwellers.)


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