Storing Up Sunshine.

So I’ve been stuck in a rut of grouching and moping (because that’s obviously the grown-up way to deal with life) and I want to stop.

So the thankful things are starting.

Each time I sit down with my ipad to blog I’m going to add a few things to my list and post it every couple weeks to keep me continuing on.

I think sundays make good days to read about blessings, count gifts, say thanks and store up sunshine for the coming weeks.

So this week’s list.

1. Fresh haircuts and no hair on your neck. I like my short hair these days.
2. Lunch dates with the husband.
3. Babies learning how to talk and walk.
4. Toddlers becoming more articulate and turning into conversational people.
5. Gluten free flour from costco. Now I can easily make yummy things without making myself feel gross.
6. Glasses the right prescription (and cute!) for the first time in a long while.
7. Israel, for a great multitude of reasons.
8. Rain. Lovely.
9. Little fleece baby sleepers. So cute. Especially when there are two of them.

Your space.

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