Revangelical by Lance Ford {Book Review & 7/31 Niches}


“But what we’ve too often missed is that our lives are supposed to be a steady presentation of the gospel whether we “evangelize” or not.”
– Lance Ford, Revangelical: Becoming the Good News People We’re Meant to Be

Note: I’ve chosen to include my book reviews in this month of niches, because often people write about their niche. And this seems to be the case with Lance Ford’s Revangelical.

These days Evangelical Christians are known more for what they are against then what they are for. Which is why Lance Ford argues in Revangelical that maybe there is room for change and being “re-evangelized” is the way to do it.

He says:

“We seem to have forgotten that Jesus didn’t come to fix the system; he came to rescue us from the system and set our feet on a new, redemptive pathway.”

“When the heart of the gospel is reduced to “Good News” about what will happen after we die, it loses its power to change and reorient the direction of our lives and the lives of the people around us.”

This book seems like a worthwhile read for Christians as we are moving forward in a world that has many negative assumptions about what we believe. And there are definitely some important reminders about what it means to be a bearer of Good News working for the Kingdom of God. Altogether it was an interesting way to talk about reframing Christianity to be more a reflection of Christ and less a reflection of our own hangups, aversion to some sins, or political opinions.

“The in-breaking Kingdom of God is nothing if not personal, practical, and immediate.”

“The ways of the Kingdom are neither capitalist no socialist. The Lord never uses oppression to beat oppression. He uses grace to dismantle ungrace. The gospel of the Kingdom of Heaven isn’t predicated on theories of econmics or political systems. It is based on a transformation of the heart that shows itself in compassionate and generous caring for our fellow human beings.”

“Revangelicals don’t necessarily fit into political boxes. They refuse to let the Good News that Jesus Proclaimed become co-opted and distilled by ideologies that conflict with the life and practice that Jesus taught and modeled.”

“Peacemaking can be dangerous business. Genuine peacemaking goes beyond merely advocating for peace. It means taking action.”

“Revangelicals are people who have moved from believing in peace to behaving in peace.”

“Let us join with others who have ceased to view non-Christians as enemies or evangelistic projects. Those who are so filled with faith in the power of the Good News of heaven that they are unwilling to be captivated by the fear of the bad news of earth.”

Lance Ford, Revangelical: Becoming the Good News People We’re Meant to Be

And, judging by all the quotes I pulled, there was a lot I agreed with. :)

What do you think? Do Christians need to be “re-evangelized”?


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((I received this book from Tyndale for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion.))

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