Christine Caine {9/31 Niches}

Christine Caine makes me uncomfortable.

And I am sure she makes other people uncomfortable as well.

She is passionate.

And forthright.

And honest.

And totally given over to the task at hand.

Especially to her task.

She’s ready to win justice for the world through Jesus and her niche is her passion for rescuing girls from modern-day human traffickiing. She and her husband started the A21 Campaign for just that purpose. If you’ve listened to her speak you’ve heard her passion for justice. She probably did not fail to mention statistics that make your head turn, stories that make you feel guilty for your own privileged and protected life, and needs that make you question the direction of your giving of time and resources. She forces us to feel the discomfort of someone else, to glimpse her passion, and to pace in the unknown of “what can we do here?”

And that’s uncomfortable.

She is a woman of action. And she speaks powerfully of the place God has put her heart whenever she gets that chance.

And that can make us uncomfortable.

Because she asks us to do the hard thing.

Near the conclusion of her book, Undaunted, Christine says:

“Throughout this book, I’ve tried to make the point, in as many ways as I can and as clearly as I can, that God has set before each of us an exciting and world-changing mission. And that he wants to work in us, to equip and empower and qualify us, so that he can work throughus. For some of us, either the mission he calls us to or the prospect of turning our lives over so that he can prepare us is daunting. But to truly live undaunted, to ask others to have faith, you must summon your own faith in God. You follow a God who is moved by your prayers, and your tears, just as you would be moved by the words and tears of your own child. And when God is moved, you look up and over whatever giant is standing in your way, because God will move him.

After all, God can move mountains. Why would he hesitate to move a mere giant?”

Christine Caine, Undaunted: Daring to do what God calls you to do

And it is true. Why would we hesitate?

And why aren’t we all living completely on fire, energetically pursuing justice?

Sometimes in the wake of a charismatic speaker it can be easy to forget the importance of the little life you’re living now. So we get frustrated and embarrassed at how small our life feels in comparison. And that somehow we’re following God less well than the next person. And then we start making excuses for why we can’t rise to that particular call. We disqualify ourselves before we even try it on for size, because our life is at home or wherever or we’re too young or old or baby-ridden. Or we forget that maybe our dauntless task is here and we get distracted or discouraged for no reason.

I would argue that all of us have areas we could live or love more fully, being less daunted and more undaunted. Christine Caine (or any other passionate person like her) is arguing for everyone going out the way she is. I think she is exhorting everyone to be living so fully in our calling that we can’t help but change the world. We all have to meet God in uncomfortable places and encounter our unwillingness to be uncomfortable head on. And shouldn’t be daunted by it because God is bigger than that.

And we need to be convicted. Because maybe we don’t want to be doing something, but maybe that’s where we need to show up.

But how can we not let him move that giant when we know God can move mountains?

We could let God do more and he would.

That’s the main thing here, I think, and Christine Caine is stirring us up to think about a bigger God.
What’s your impression?


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2 thoughts on “Christine Caine {9/31 Niches}

  1. Catching up on my reading finally!

    I recently heard Christine Caine speak for the first time and honestly was annoyed by her passionate speak, not because I didn’t agree, but because I was bucking the idea of sitting in a room with women I didn’t really know listening to a live broadcast. Had I been alone, there would have been no annoyance – but listening together means discussing together afterwards and sometimes I just want to observe and reflect inward.

    All that to say, I have her book and I need to read it because as I began following her on Twitter and reading more of her online musings, I have grown to really like her. I am bold in such a different way, a quieter way – but I feel God hinting at something more for me so of course I imagine the extreme – someone like Christine Caine who is so courageous in her speaking – and I want to run from God’s call.


  2. That’s hilarious. You are such an introvert! :) Do read her book and tell me what you think :) Those hints of something more can be devastatingly frightful. Stay the course! I tend to overdream myself and wonder what’s from God and what’s just a desire for fame. Somehow in my introversion I still wonder about my motives for wanting to write/speak/do big things. But then I’m also drawn to quiet study, endless school, and arguing with people. So who knows. It’s hard to follow well without doubting for whichever reasons come most natural.

    Anyway, where was I going with that? I’m not sure, I’m just glad for someone who thinks similarly!

    So thanks for being here! :) i’m glad.


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