Sarah Young: Jesus Calling {13/31 Niches}

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I’ve only heard warnings about her. Stay away. Heresy. False teacher.

But then other’s have only heard praise.

She wrote this little book called Jesus Calling: Enjoy Peace in His Presence.

Have you heard of it? Probably.

Sarah Young is a listener.

She listens to God. She seeks his presence. In her process for writing Jesus Calling, She listened for what she thought God was saying to her, wrote it down, and then shared it. The book is a little controversial, as any internet search will show.

Some people are appalled at her gall to write in the first person as if Jesus were doing the talking. Some people are convinced she can’t be hearing from God and therefore she is a horrible misleader of the people.

But then some people think what she wrote is an amazing thing. A life-changing introduction to Jesus’ presence and peace.

(Just check out the Amazon reviews if you want evidence of any of things.)

How can one little book stir up so much trouble and controversy? And what do we do with it?

I finally looked at the book this week. It’s on scribd right now.

I think I like it.

I like that each day’s reflection is so pointed at the reader that you can’t help but miss it’s message. And that each day’s reflection is thoroughly supported by an accompanying Bible verse. And that the word’s encourage you to rest and draw your hope and identity from Jesus.

So to me, the words seem Biblical. And the Biblical checkpoint is all I have. Beyond that the only way we are told to discern good from bad is by their fruit. Does it speak of love, joy, peace patience, kindness, etc? Is this book helping people in their walk with God?

Maybe I’m easy to convince. I am also sure there are things wrong with this book (no one has everything right). And there is always the possibility, if taken to the extreme some of these concepts/ideas could lead someone astray. We always have to use the Bible to check our beliefs. But we also need to remember the omnipotence of God to use whatever means necessary to minister to the hearts of his children.

He wants to get to us however we will hear.

Might it be that books like these simply introduce us to a God who is more available than we thought; who is more interested in is than we thought; of speaks through the Holy Spirit more than we thought?

Is it possible that God ordained Sarah Young to write this book for Christians who feel like God doesn’t care, isn’t here, and doesn’t speak?

What do you think?

I think I might be coming back to this book every now and then.

Peace wafts through the words.


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9 thoughts on “Sarah Young: Jesus Calling {13/31 Niches}

  1. I read it. I love it. And I also read and reflect on the Bible links each day. I have given the book to friends and it has been universally loved. Ministers, church officials, grannies, teens. Another thing is how amazingly accurate the words seem to be for me at any given time!


  2. hmmm. .. something my mom and sister read everyday but i’ve never picked up. . .peace. that’s the word they use. perhaps I’ll pick it up again. . .


  3. Love!! God doesn’t show himself to everyone the same…. Even if she did hear Jesus talking to her, why is it a bad thing if it can help any one person come to believe? :)


      1. I think that I sin everyday, I go astray everyday. Does that mean that the people who showed me that there is a God, that Jesus died for my sins, did they lead me astray? Nope, I do that on my own. Does that mean that the people who showed me that God exists did me wrong? I don’t think so.
        Ellen White (seventh day adventist “prophet”) claims to have talked to god, or at least heard his voice. Many people came to Christ because of her, still believe because of her. Do I think she had it all right? Nope. Do I think she is a horrible person? Nope. Has she “lead” people astray also? Yes, absolutely. I think that when we take things said as gospel truth, when they do not come from the gospel, that is when we choose to be “lead” astray. But I think that people may not mean to lead people away, we get caught up too far or misunderstand the point the person is trying to make and blame them for “leading people astray”
        I guess my point is that as long as someone is shown the truth about God, then everyone else needs to take it down a notch and take it with a grain of salt?
        :) i hope that wasn’t too many circles. I think we need to take responsibiliety for knowing what is being taught by people so that we can make our own Bible based judgements on them, then less people would get lead astray. Which is a reason I love this 31 day series!


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