Colliding with Destiny by Sarah Jakes {Book Review and 22/31 Niches}

“God wastes nothing, so use what He has given you as fuel for your soul’s journey.”
– Sarah Jakes, Colliding With Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth

Sarah Jakes writes about her life and that of Ruth with a wisdom and passion for restoration to God’s good intentions. Though her encouragement taken without a balancing dose of Biblical knowledge could be construed as prosperity teaching, I think her book is carefully constructed to encourage those who have lived a hard life and might be doubting God’s goodness just a little.

She uses the life of Ruth as a jumping off point to weave a story of grace, care, and hope in the mystery of God’s providence for us. Jakes writes from scripture and from her heart about the love of God and her passionate conviction that His will is will be good for us. Following might be hard. Stepping out might be hard. But God has every piece figured out to write an amazing story. In Colliding with Destiny you’ll find hope and wisdom for the struggle as you approach your daily life.

Designed as a 30 day devotional, I would recommend this book for anyone who has a strong handle on theology and the Bible (or can spot the prosperity gospel and understand there is a balance somewhere in the middle), but is also in good need of encouragement and hope which is to be had by the heartload in these pages.

Here are a few quotes!


“Ruth’s commitment to walk with God is the only reason she was on course to collide with destiny. Collisions hurt. They cause injuries and create pain, but the insurance that comes with God reminds us that everything that was damaged can be restored and replaced. Whether God is just making a few minor repairs in your life or totaling out your dreams so you can experience His will, don’t shy away from the pain of collision.”

“It’s important we take a moment to at least at listen to those who are trying to help us. You don’t have to follow their advice or agree with everything they say, but make the decision to let other trusted individuals challenge your thought process. If we are not challenged, we cannot learn.”

“But every now and then, you must trust someone with the vulnerable side of you. Remove the cape, take off the mask, and allow yourself to be human again. Yes, you can keep moving. But you know a part of you is no longer strong enough to hold everything together. It’s time to admit you need covering.”

A prayer: “Please teach me the balanced dance of grace and mercy. May I provide a flicker of hope in a person’s darkest hour. I pray You give me the perfect wisdom to speak to the heart of the matter. And may I be as gentle with others as You have been with me. Amen”

[Seems like the heart of who this was written for: ]
Prayer: “God, I know you have placed so much inside of me. Please help me to see that there is life after my pain. I want to believe that I can still give You a return on Your investment. I just need the strength to move past this moment so I can live again. Amen.”

“When I find myself worrying about another area if my life in limbo, I try to remember that whatever the outcome is, I’ll be okay. I’m still learning each day, but each time I reflect on past worries I realized I survived. Our worry insults God. Our faith insists on our patience, a compliment to our Creator’s sovereignty.”

“Yes, you may feel as though your life is a story unto itself, but ultimately it’s just one piece in the puzzle of history, one corner in the majestic mural of eternity that God is creating.”

– Sarah Jakes, Colliding With Destiny: Finding Hope in the Legacy of Ruth

And I really loved this question that was at the end of a chapter:

“If your story ends before the healing, what will the world know about you?”

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(((I recieved a copy of this book from Bethany House Blogger Program in exchange for my honest review.)))

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