The Bible People {Niche 24/31}

Feeling a little stuck so I’m sticking close to what I know.

Some random questions for today:

What if Balaam didn’t believe it when his donkey talked?

What if Esther followed the rules?

What if Stephan fought back?

What if Ruth didn’t listen to her mother-in-law’s advice?

What if Joseph rejected the socially unacceptable (seemingly used, broken, promiscuous) Mary for a person whose public appearance was better?

What if Joshua decided marching around walls wouldn’t do anything besides look ridiculous?

What if Jesus ignored Zacchaeus in the tree and the samaritan woman at the well?

What if Mary worked and Martha listened?

What if Job cursed God and died as his friends and wife advised?

What if we all avoided discomfort and disagreement in favor of a God small enough to control and define?

What if we all stepped away from that moment of God calling us into a unique relationship with Him in favor of what we are familiar with?

May we have the faith to follow a God who lives outside our sense of what is possible and controls the mouths of donkeys for his purposes.


Who would you add the list?


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