William Wilberforce {26/31 Niches}

William Wilberforce 1759-1833 (He is well known for his part in thr abolition of slavery in England. His life was recently dramatized in the excellent movie: Amazing Grace. )

“What a difference it would be if our system of morality were based on the Bible instead of the standards devised by cultural Christians.”

“Christ gets vilified when those who bear His name use it as an excuse for cruelty or persecution. We must be careful to distinguish twisted zeal from true Christian commitment.”

“It is a great advantage to understand how defective we actually are. It helps us shake off false security and nominal spirituality.”

“It is virtually impossible to get to the place where you recognize your need for the Spirit and depend upon His working when you have created a safe religiosity that is perfectly manageable by means of your own abilities.”

“Authentic Christian discipleship requires a kind of diligent watchfulness.”

“Most men and women are ignorant of their true state and oblivious to the things that have replaced God in their lives.”

“Authentic faith is not interested in being able to put on a virtuous mask. It demands truth in the inner person.”

“True Christianity, by nature, seems to be particularly and powerfully constituted to promote the welfare and health of political communities.”

“Benevolence is the driving principle of authentic Christianity. It is a direct result of developing a lifestyle of moderation in the pursuit of pleasure and affluence, adegree of indifference to the things culture has decided are important, diligence in the performance of personal and civil responsi-bilities, a commitment to doing the will of God, and a patient and trusting attitude toward the providence of God in one’s response to the unpredictable and often discouraging events of life. A life of authentic faith will produce humility in our lives. Humility is essential if a man or woman is to develop a spirit of genuine benevolence.”

“We live in a state of cultural decline. A dry, unanimated religiosity does not have the ability to inspire the masses. Anyone who thinks otherwise knows little of human nature. People are looking for reality and authenticity in spiritual matters.”

“This way of life requires that we go all the way in our faith. A shallow faith, even if based on the truth, will not be adequate to complete the journey. One will either go deeper or drift backward. The call to the believer is constant: “Further up and further in!””

“By your life and words you must put to silence the voices of ignorant critics of the faith. Be bold to proclaim the name of Christ in this time when many who call themselves Christian are ashamed to speak the name. You may have a greater impact on this nation than that of any politician if you make it your goal to help restore the influence of Christian faith and raise the standard of our nation’s morality.”

“Seek to form friendships with men and women of other denominations who hold to the essentials of the faith, even if they differ from you in the non-essentials.”

– William Wilberforce, Real Christianity: The Book That Helped End Slavery In England also on Scribd



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