Francesca Battistelli {28/31 Niches}

Somehow Francesca Battistelli has stayed relevant to me since I started college. I guess it’s because we’re having similar life experiences. So it’s fun and relatable to listen to her music.

I’ve loved all her albums. My Paper Heart was probably my theme music (ok, it was) for my first couple years at BSU. I loved her honesty and just how real and applicable her music seemed to me at that time.

This one may have been my theme song :)
Free to be Me

Her music touches many places in my heart: God, mothering, life, theology, time, fun, christianity, dreams, anything really. And since my introduction to her music six years ago I’ve enjoyed every album since. It’s interesting how music and musicians can follow you around like that.

But I just keep coming back to it.

This is the Stuff

I’m not really sure why I’m including her in this series except that she is one who has impacted me indirectly. She doesn’t teach theology or anything directly. She uses music to influence and encourage.

If We’re Honest

Her words are honest, loving, and whole. She is being completely herself. And the fact that her everyday experiences come into her music makes it easier to relate and to trust her as you listen.

And to me that seems like a niche.

Write Your Story

What do you think? What are some of your favorite musicians? What’s their niche? Why do you like them?


But you know, maybe this was just an excuse to put some of my favorite music all in the same spot. Who will know. :)


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