Lovely Rain: Introductions to a Wandering Mind

I’m sitting on the couch this afternoon enjoying the sound of thr rain tapping on our patio.

Somehow rainy days cease to be gloomy when everyone else in the house is asleep, you have just consumed a cup of chocolatey hot chocolate (with a dash of flavored coffee because more sugar and hints of caramel!), and there is nothing to do but sit and cosily enjoy it.

It’s nice.

In other news it’s rainy here. We snuck a quick trip to the zoo today and saw some animals up close. Ali was obsessed with the lions who were hanging out under the enclosure and, if it weren’t for the glass, would have been touchable. We managed to see a few things before the rain got a bit harder on the way to the car.

And then naps.

And rain.

And a pleasant dreariness.

It speaks of winter, which I am not actually looking forward to, but I do so love the changing seasons. Fall speaks of finishing and Spring, of new beginnings.

I am trying ever so hard to remember to change my clock so we won’t show up at church too early. Course I shouldn’t worry, most of our life is automagical now, after all. And the children will wake up at the same time regardless of the hour.

I am glad to be done with my series. But also glad I did it.

It can be frustrating and somewhat boring to post on the same thing every day, but it can clear the waters for other sorts of thinking.

Interesting, how that works.

I’m looking forward to blogging more normally, but then I’d also like to keep up the practice of expecting something worthwhile of myself everyday outside of caring for everyone else. Somehow it helps keep a person sane. And as a bonus, gives you something to think about besides the ridiculous hours the children keep and how dirty the dishes all always are.

So I might keep up some sort of practice.

So that being said, I want to keep forcing myself to create a little more and will jump into this next month with both feet. Blogging, writing, reading, running, yoga-ing, etc. we’ll see where it takes us.

November feels much closer to Christmas than October.

And, my, hasn’t this year flown by? I’ll never get over the complexity of slowly living at the speed of light. Or something like that.

I am half-heartedly thinking about nanoblopo, because it sounds so refreshing after 31 days of forced labor. Post on anything? Absolutely, but i think I will stay low-key and post when I will instead of when I must.

It may still be quite often judging by my lack of repulsion for writing this particular post after many days of much doing.

But naptime is ending. The munchkins are beginning to mutter and grunt their way to awakeness and we’ll be off to dinner with my family in a little while.

So happy Saturday!

I blame this post on much caffeine and the lovely rain.

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