Some gifts. (because it is all too easy to fall into an attitude in need of adjustment.)

I’m continue on my numbers because ‘why not?’ and it might be fun to see how high I get.

10. Rain. We got home last night and we had a lake in our front yard. There is a mini-culvert and the water was probably about a foot deep. It was gone this morning or I would have taken a picture!

11. It was light by the time the children woke up this morning. Thanks to the time-change.

12. Still coffee. I think that will always be on my grateful list. :)

13. The munchkins are learning to talk really cute.

14. Ranger has started reassuring Ali in the car, if she’s fussing, by talking about the scenery. “See the cows? That’s a nice cow.” “Do you see the houses Ali?” “Those are houses.” It is super cute :) apparently our modus operandi during car trips is called: “distraction”.

15. Quiet afternoons.

16. Thrift stores.

What about you? :)

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