A Day in the Life: Fall and Grocery Chaos

Every now and then it’s fun for me to take down a day and see what happens. And maybe eventually I’ll look back and say “those were the days.” Or not. Either way.

Here’s how a day last week went down:

6:00 AM – Ali wakes up thanks to daylight savings. Miraculously she went back to sleep in after nursing and slept in the crib another hour and a half while I doze on the couch.
7:20 AM – Israel dashes across the entry way into his office.
7:30 AM – Ranger comes crashing out of his bedroom. Ali startles awake. Ranger opens her door while I pry my eyes open and my legs awake and up.
7:40 AM – The munchkins request fruit loops and wander around munching and doing various things while I catch up on internet excess, etc.
8:00 AM – dress and diaper the munchkins, email Israel about going to Chic-Fil-A before he catches his midweek flight. More internet wandering?
8:30 AM – coffee and cereal for me, feed the starving masses (population: 2) first breakfast: cereal and coconut milk.
8:50 AM – breakfast/playland plans confirmed, we load up the children and head to the land of chicken and the enclosed child pen…i mean playground.
9:20 AM – Ali and Ranger play magnificently together while we watch, yawn, and exchange morning monosyllables (ok, maybe a few more than that) and talk voting plans.
10:10 AM – Israel heads to the airport to catch his plane, I change one diaper in the back of our so handy hatchback and we head home.
10:30 AM – I brief myself on the couch concerning proposed constitutional ammendments, make my decision, feed Ali, jacket children appropriately, and than load up the meese for our biannual jog to the polling station.
11:15 AM – voting accomplished I question Ranger about whether he would rather go to the playground or go home and help mommy rake leaves with his spiffy new child-sized rake.
11:20 AM – We head to the play ground, play for awhile while Ali naps and then saunter on home for our fancy lunch of chicken nuggets, carrots and bbq sauce which somehow doesn’t actually come into being until 1:00.
1:10 PM – consult children about proposed trip to the grocery story. Receive confirmation. Organize grocery list by aisle location (roughly, since our grocery store just committed the heinous crime of rearranging nearly everything and I know not when everything is anymore… !!! Do you understand how horrible that is? I mean, why? Anyways..)
1:30 PM – set off!
1:40 PM – strap children into huge enormous train-like cart which is only worth it because it succeeds in keeping the children and the groceries in one place without either being spread all over the floor. It is ridiculously difficult to navigate in said rearranged store with said enormous cart.
2:25 PM – I prevailed.
I only had few comments on my semi-trailer/cart driving license/lack of one, managed not to run anyone over, and only had to replace one short row of salad dressing kicked off the shelf some two year old.
Also only had to comfort the one year old once for some unseen offense (I suspect teeth, or a brief firm pressure to the head with his own?) that didn’t occur again after proactively moving her from the seat adjacent to her brother’s to the one across. Mysterious.
And amidst the shenanigans I managed to only splurge on a few chocolate covered cranberries, pumpkin spice creamer (because I neeeded it), and two bags of cat food instead of one (because trips to the store have become a monumental hassle – due to the aforementioned scenarios in addition to Ranger’s penchant for evicting and kidnapping various groceries at will..despite stern tones, angry faces, and unuttered threats echoing seemingly silently from his mother… He’ll listen sometime, right?).
And that was the store.
2:35 PM – escape the parking lot! Homebound.
2:50 PM – pull ranger out of car, install in bed. Snoozing. Pull Ali out of car, install in driveway, tromping. Unload groceries, extract Ali from the out of doors, install in heap of groceries, put away groceries.
3:25 PM – find chocolate, iPad, and youngest munchkin. Nurse, read, ward off fit thrown when Ali is not allowed to have chocolate, kiss, cuddle, put im bed to wind down.
3:40 PM – winding down fail. Wound up. Find exercise ball. Bounce baby til wound down. Place in crib.
3:50 – Wait for signs of sleeping (5minutes-ish) and wind myself down with 20 minutes of Gilmore Girls. Aww there. Naptime has commenced. Wander the internet.
4:15 – begin and catch up this post. Now what?
4:40 – start another post.
4:48 – Ali wakes up because I forgot to close her bedroom door after she exhibited signs of sleeping. Bah. Update this post with latest news and more grocery store details while she nurses and sleeps more.
5:02 – decide if I want to think about what to feed the children, keep attempting to write, find something to read or watch more gilmore girls..hmm.
5:10 – end up attempting to untangle the category organization here.
5:40 – wake Ali up by cutting off her extended nursing session and then wake Ranger by turning on the hall light.
5:45 – run get the mail, apply shoes to the children’s feet and try to send them outside. Fail.
5:50 try to ward off Ranger’s cranky waking with food and cozy blankies. He requests sitting next to mommy in the blankies. So we do.
6:00 – turn on Milo and Otis on Netflix and realize how perfect it is for his age. Nothing more scary then a baby bear, an owl, and a river. Just a narrated movie about a cat and a dog. Ali loved it too. I tried to get them to eat food here, but alas. Ali ate bites of my sweet potato and ranger held a peanut butter tortilla roll-up, but that is all.
7:15: end of the movie.
7:20 – Time for a hotdog apparently. Preceded and followed by a whine session to watch curious george. Finally abated with an offer to take a bath.
7:59 – So that is where we are now. Next up: jammies, tooth brushing, books, and bed! What a life.
8:30 – next up items accomplished and I am free for the evening. I waste time online, watch things and unmemorable things until Ali falls asleep and then finish out the evening with a session of yoga during a half-watched movie, chocolate pb cups, browsing, flossing my teeth, gilmore girls, a very short chat on the phone with my husband, and then turning in around12:45 only to have Ali wake up just as I lay down.

I honestly don’t remember if I had to get up and nurse her and put her back to bed or if she just went back to sleep after one fuss…my memory is bad when I’m half-asleep apparently.

And that was the day.

It is interesting and exhausting to be a stay at home parent.

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