What I’m Into (November 2014)

Hey! Long time no see. So. It seems to be a yearly thing that blogging peters off in November after the frantic pace of Octobers fling.

This year was no different and I’m expecting to stay pretty quiet in December, too.

But here’s a brief look at November. :)

We just got back from a week in the south with Israel’s family. I made more food than I’ve ever made before for thanksgiving. I think I ended up making marshmallow sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, pumpkin pie, and ambrosia. Yum. We also had a turkey breast (super easy, prespiced, of the just pop it in the oven variety), rolls compliments of my mom-in-law, wine compliments of Chile, and squash casserole compliments of my sister-in-law. More than enough.

The week before that was spent alternating between putting on/taking off snowsuits, playing outside in the snow, building an awesome fort, and trying to think up more fun things to do while basically housebound (read: not being able to run with the stroller because of all the snow on the sidewalks).

Those were the highlights, other than that I’ve really not been up to much besides watching too much Gilmore Girls and figuring out more indoor activities for my munchkins.

Here are a few articles I’ve read and appreciated in the last two months:

Lauren Fleshman on body image and running.

Is Fair Trade a Fair Deal at The Freeman.

Rachel Toalson on sharing and uncertainty.

Esther Emery on immigration, The Borders of God’s Country

Pictures (only from my iPad..i’m opting for easy today)








Only two read:
Tables in the Wilderness by Preston Yancey (review to come)
Lean on Me by Anne Marie Miller (review to come)

Not much new really? I requested some fiction at the library since I am currently unappreciative of non-fiction (overdosed or something).

I started reading The Sweetness of Tears though it’s on my scribd account so I tend not to read it (books on screens fail to hold my atttention for some reason). It is very good and I should just get it from the library so I can actually finish it.

And that’s enough words for me! What have you been into lately?

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