What I’m Into | December 2014

Hello, out there! After a month long hiatus I’m back and finally starting to feel like maybe I’ll have a few words to say here now and again. My absence can be explained by my intense 31 days series/burnout and some inner need to sink into the holiday season a little bit outside of my own head.

So to catch you up a little here’s a brief look at our December :)

Some Favorite Pictures:

– Christmas! Of course :) it was so much fun having a munchkinh big enough to begin to understand what Christmas is about. He loved reading the Christmas books about Jesus and sort of understood that it was Jesus’s birthday. It will be fun and exciting to continue on in teaching him about this whole season and world. It was also loads of fun having two munchkins big enough to enjoy opening (and actually open) presents.

– Israel’s mom and sister got to visit just after Christmas and are enjoying/surviving some snow and the freezing weather.

– I was able to go to my sister’s choir concert under the same director I had years ago. Beautful. Made me want to join my church choir.

– i finally have four chairs around my dining table! All thrifted dark wood tones but none are matching in style. I love it.

– I lucked out at hobby lobby and basically everything was half off so i got inspired to put things on my walls and decorate for Christmas.

– I lucked out and got an Android Tracfone for Christmas and now I can take pictures with enough pixels to make me happy with my phone! Which is great because my camera likes to fritz out in the winter/humidity.

– Israel’s last day at his current job is today! He is interviewing at a few different places, dreaming big, and we’ll soon have an option that doesn’t require so many hours of work and days of travel. It will be really good not to have him gone 100ish days next year. Praying for guidance as we make these choices and peace while things are up in the air and up for discussion.

Books I Read:
The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp – i really liked having these short reading each day to help focus my thinking during advent toward christmas with a little more Jesus and many more God at work storylines. I will share some quotes soon.

The Sweetness of Tears by Nafisa Haji – i loved this insightful and beautiful story of a family in Pakistan and California. The cultural, familial and emotional threads were really really beautifully woven into the whole of the narrative. You should read it.

Ender’s Game and Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card – I read Ender’s Game because I saw the movie and then read the next because I was hooked. In the movie Ender is portrayed as being 11 or 12 from the beginning. In the book Ender is only 6 years old when he goes to battle school which changes the story from just cool science fiction to more of a commentary on culture, children, and childhood. Also their is a whole secondary storyline featuring Valentine and Peter that ties in to the social commentary theme. It’s really interesting.

Currently Actively Reading:
The Sacred Year by Michael Yankowski

Paused or Starting Next(ish):
Xenocide by Orson Scott Card
50 Women Every Christian Should Know by Michelle DeRusha
Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner
Women in the Church
How to be a Writer by Barbara Baig


Rachel Toalson continues to reach deeply into her life to share wisdom and grace with us:
When You Can’t Even Believe You’re Beautiful During Pregnancy
I Never Expected My 8 Year Old Son to be Depressed
Rest is a Necessary Part of the Creative Process

And elsewhere:
Rethinking the Christmas Story at alifeoverseas – because it probably didn’t happen how we think it did.

On My Blog
Absolutely nothing happened this month! :)

What have you been into this month?

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2 thoughts on “What I’m Into | December 2014

  1. I really appreciate your idea to surround your dining room table with beautiful, thrifted chairs. It sounds like it was a fun quest. No one else will have a set quite like yours.


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