What I’m Into| January 2015

Wow. That month flew by quickly and is pretty much long gone already. Happy February, Folks!

I am going to jump into a random brief review of January since that is how I gather my thoughts here. As always.

But since my camera decided it doesn’t want to sync to my ipad…it needs some TLC from the computer and it’s memory reformatted before it will cooperate again… Pesky thing. and that takes setting up the desktop somewhere waiting for the pictures to sync and then sending them up to my blogosphere which takes about a billion more steps than the normal way…i’m skipping my camera pictures.

I promise you’ll get pictures later.

Oh look! phone pictures!




Promise fulfilled.

But you know, I assure you my kids are still cute, it’s just the middle of winter and I am lazy/tired. So there.

Other lovely or interesting things from last month:

– We went on vacation to the Oregon Coast for a week. On our own. Our first non-extended family including vacation since our honeymoon..ha. It was pretty fun. Three baby gates did the trick nicely. Oh and lots of other playing :)

– Israel started his new job on the 30th. It’s about a 15 minute drive from our house and seems like it will be a really good fit. My favorite part: normal hours! 9-5. Tops. It’s great :)

– I figured out that some thrift stores are great if you just need to take the kids somewhere to play while your husband has important phone interviews…though you might just end up with a 5 dollar toy or two.

– I’ve gotten stuck in the middle of Friends. Officially. It’s pretty fun.

– I had my final dentist appointment and my teeth are happy again. It’s been a while. Now to keep them that way.

– I got a membership at the Y instead and was reminded that the smell of chlorine makes me happy. So I am starting to swim once a week. And will take the littles once I feel braver. :p

– I have hardly run at all just because I am severely demotivated. I don’t want to push the heavy stroller enough to bother to bundle all three of us up to go for a run. Maybe soon though since the weather is warm this week.

– I am currently cooking a turkey. We’ll see how it goes.

Books Read:

Xenocide and Children of the Mind by Orson Scott Card – I really enjoyed this series more than I thought I would. The last two books were my favorite because of the linguistic elements and the way the author tied everything together in pseudosciencey sort of way. It was pretty cool. Brainstretching and satisfying conclusions.

The Highly Sensitive Person by Elaine N. Aron – I ordered this book with the vague notion it would be helpful in our family…and I think it will be. I’ll probably try to process some of the quotes that resonated with me here a little bit some other time. But I felt like I recognized my adult self in these pages, not so much me as a child as I remember it, but definitely I have some of these tendencies now. It was interesting and freeing to read.

Discovering the Enneagram by Richard Rohr – I really didn’t appreciate this book…ended up skimming it in the end. There were a couple good insights, but I think my brain was just on overwhelm and couldn’t handle it. (See above book for a halfway explanation…haha)

The Sacred Year by Michael Yankoski – I really liked the idea behind this book and enjoyed it at first, but it was so long I had to force myself to finish it at all.. (Formal review coming)

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn – I picked this book up for kindle on a whim and was engrossed and then intrigued and then horrified as the story continued. It was a well written, twisted mystery with a twist at the end twists your gut, but there are also some inappropriate moments so I wouldn’t recommend it in general and won’t be seeing the movie.

Currently Reading:
Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand – excellent so far.
The Scorch Trials by James Dashner – am getting more excited about it as I go.

Articles to Share:

Jen Hatmaker on resolutions and writing: The Thing About Being More Awesome and On Becoming a Writer, respectively.

Thoughts on Christians and Shallow Reading by Laura at Enough Light.

I’m not as big a deal as I used to be, Thank God and On Blogging at the Intersection of Authenticity and Privilege by Esther Emery (a homesteading, yurt living, fellow idaho-dwelling blogger I follow).

This Morning at the Barre by Osheta Moore.

Why We Don’t Need “Women’s” Ministry by Sarah Bessey.

“Dear Women, You are making me stumble” by April Fiet.

Christian Cleavage Probably Isn’t the Problem at Relevant Magazine

I did post a few things here last month, but they are easily visible on the homepage… :) the most notable would be the millions of pictures I shared for Ali and Ranger’s update.

And that is all.

What were you into in January?
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2 thoughts on “What I’m Into| January 2015

  1. I haven’t read more than Ender’s Game yet, but have you read Ender’s Shadow yet? I think that’s the last one that you’re missing.

    Also, E.L. dragged me to Gone Girl because she loved how horrible and terrifying it was. Probably a great movie, but not recommended. Good choice there. :P


    1. Oh right, I’m currently reading Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy(dark, sarcastic, biting, British humour), The Hobbit again (haven’t read it since I was probably 12), and The Groom’s Instruction Manual.


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