Open // Five Minute Friday

Life is an open-ended question.

It’s hard to tell how it will turn out from one moment to the next. We’re left wondering and wandering, wishing for halls that only had one option. But then we have to choose and are kept wondering where the other door opened.

Life is an open-ended question.

It’s about how we live and why we make the choices we make, but it’s also a little bit about where we’re going: that ever elusive answer that tempts us with tales of happy endings and never go wrong again moments of ineptitudeless wonder. Awe. And then awful. Because?

Life is an open-ended question and while there might be a way more suited to our needs and whims and wills, the options linger longer and more complex than any Choose Your Own Adventure story ever was.

And open-ended question.

No wrong answers.


Free form.

Write your story.

Your story.

I would dare to tell there is one choice in their that will direct the rest and make your life more and less complicated. More and less open-ended. More and less your own. But all the more His and purposeful than before.

Open-ended but orchestrated.

It’s up to us.

How to live.


It’s been awhile since I participated in a five minute friday. They’ve switched venues and are now at Kate Motaung’s blog. I thought since I’ve been lacking any writing at all here I may as well blather on friday/saturday and just see what happens. :) fun. You should join, too, of course.

And just a warning: five minutes doesn’t always allow for coherency or the perfect expression of what I believe. So take it with a grain of salt and realize the one sided explanations. For example, in today’s meandering, I don’t actually think having choices is bad, it’s just a feeling in the moment of wondering where a life is meant to go and wishing you just knew how it went. Anyone else feel like that sometimes?


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