What I’m Into | February 2015

The cute ones:

The Looong list of posts that hit the spot:
~~ How to Train Monsters @ Momastery “Envy is just unexpressed admiration. It’s respect holding its breath. 2) We are only envious of those already doing what we were made to do. Envy is a big flashing arrow pointing towards our destiny.”
~~The Key to Balance is Everything @ Mile-Posts “Balance didn’t mean doing more, it meant doing more with less.”
~~A God with Teeth by Esther Emery “never had a pastor say,

“Your privilege is the mechanism of someone else’s poverty. Give up the pursuit of wealth. Give up financial security. (Or the illusion of it, anyway.) Stop acting like you have to be rich before you can be generous.”

(Can you imagine? What pastor would keep their congregation then?)

No. It wasn’t like that at all. I followed only my own heart into the woods, to live the way I live now: off the grid and off the beaten path, in a homemade yurt on three acres of Idaho mountainside.

My charge came from underneath, bubbling up, out of my own chest. The yearning and the call, indistinguishable. The sense of joy in redemption and the charge to integrity, indistinguishable. I wanted the woods. I wanted the wild. I wanted integrity and justice.

I wanted a God with teeth.”

~~This is My Metaphor by Sarah Bessey

We each have our own metaphors for how we understand our faith journey. Some people find theirs in literature – I do that, too. Others find them in nature or in great acts like climbing mountains. I’ve heard many a sermon using sports or war as metaphors for the journey of a soul. And more, every mother’s experience with birth is unique because her situation is unique, her body is unique, her story is hers.

What was it that made talking about birth so taboo from the pulpit? It is too much, perhaps, too uniquely feminine to others, too messy, too real. The braiding together of pain and joy and love is too powerful, perhaps.

But I believe right in my marrow that the voices and experiences of us regular mamas, having babies, are just as valuable, just as real, just as spirit-filled as any other metaphor.

~~How Keeping Everyone Happy is Killing Us @ Millennial Pastor ~~To Catch the Wind by Esther Emery
~~20 Habits Happy Couples Have But Never Talk About @ The Open Mind
~~The Wilderness is not What We Think @ Millennial Pastor “While the wilderness was a place fraught with danger, it was the place where God’s people met their God. God always showed up in the wilderness, and God’s people were not left to suffer alone.”
~~Attention Peace Teachers @ Momastery
~~Writer with Children @ Super-rad Christian Writer

~~God Needs Dangerous Women @ SheLoves 


The books

  •  Eve’s Daughters by Lynn Austin – this turned out to be a lovely and satisfying read. Christian. Romantical. With depth. And with historical background for feeling like you might be learning somethinig. 
  • The Maze Runner and Scorch Trials by James Dashner – we saw The Maze Runner in theaters a few months ago and I knew I had to read it. Because. Usually the book is so much better than the movie. The book was good but I found the writing left little to the imagination and was more obviously geared towards teens’ vocabulary and attention spans. I made it through the first and second books, but lost interest and am not interested in spending time on books three and four. So good, but not great. And if you’ve seen the movie that’s about the best of it. 
  • Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner – finally finished this book on language learning and now I want to immediately choose a new language and start putting the strategies to use. Onlytochoosewhichone….. Formal review pending.
  • Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson – I loved this book. More than I thought I would. Though I shouldn’t have been surprised since I like all sally clarkson’s books! Formal review and quotes coming soon. 


The Random:

  • I’ve been getting to grocery shop by myself. It is sooo much easier. Especially when munchkins decid fighting and screaming is the best entertainment. 
  • My laundry is currently in a heap in my closet… Must fold. 
  • All of us recently had or currently have a rather unhealthy sounding cold. Just beautiful. Not fun being sick. 
  • My wordpress app finally gave me back my easy cheater bullet-point buttons! Hurray. 
  • We hvae been having lovely weather for shoving the children outside.
  • And my garden is getting attention. 
  • And i planted bulbs. 
  • And that’s all i can think of for now because someone is screaming and I have zero extra space in my head now. :p
  • She stopped. Hurray. Naptime continues. For now.
  • Israel’s job is working out well. He has time to run and work on side projects and play with the rest of us. 
  • I scurrried through the last two seaons of friends. Hit the season highlights and finales and a few key moments. I was happy with the outcome. Also my house was happy with the outcome since I swore off tv shows for lent. Just to break the lazy habit that started when they put gilmore girls on netflix. 
  • I have a hair appointment on saturday. Drastic possibly. Will post pictures. Maybe. 
  • Am scheming to restart my book group. 
  • Am also excited to have a mini book club with my sister in law in Kenya. :)
  • Am dreaming of adventures. 
  • And I think I have overused my bulletpoints. So. Ha. 
  • But in a few days I will let you know about this awesome little preschool program we’ve been using with our kidlets. It’s sanity. And education. 


The expirimental

My sister sent me an invite to try out ePantry. Each invite comes with 10 credit and a free handsoap so I signed up for an order. I’m hopeful that actually having nice cleaners around will help me find the motivatiom to do things like, ya know, clean the bathroom more often? And the awesome thing is they send refills automatically to your house (which you can cancel or delay at will) . Huzzah. No more stopping mid project for lack of windex! :) 

I figure anything that encourages me to clean a little might be worth it. Here’s my invite link if you want to try it out to. It’s good for $10 off and if you order this week there is free shipping! The only downside is that your order has to come to a total of $20 dollars after the discount so there’s a little money to be spent. But it is easy to do if your cleaning supplies have dwindled to less than might be necessary. 

Try it with me? https://www.epantry.com/referrer/81337/?poid=213

I’ll tell you what I think next week. 


Here on the blog I reviewed a book, posted a pantry revamp, participated in Five Minute Friday and shared my January Intos. All of which are easily visible by clicking the homepage and scrolling down. Since I’m irreparably lazy I’ll leave the task of getting there to you.  


Ohoh. I am on Instagram now. With a bout seven pictures to show for it. So if you’re a family member feeling shorted of pictures of your nieces/nephews/grandkids/cousins I suggest you go there

You can also find me sporadically on FacebookTwitter or Goodreads!

How was your February? 


What I'm Into

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