Plan // Five Minute Friday

saturday was a day to make plans

Until it wasn’t

A day for a party

Until the dawn

A day for laughing and cake and balloons

Until the fever

And it became a day for rest. 

A day for texts that read ‘get better soon’ and oh darns about the party. 

But that’s how days go sometimes

You can’t help what happens

Even if you plan it all out with to-do lists of what to make and clean and bake

But that’s ok because rest is important too. 

And sometimes being still isn’t fun but it might be what we need. 

On a rainy, dreary, but warm day. The fresh air pours in through the open window. Livening the smells of the house. 

The not-yet-weaned toddler nurses extra to make up for what she’s not eating while her body burns the fever yuck all out. 

Extra naps happen. 

We’re moving on to number 3 for her today. 

Extra snuggles and close and paying attention. 

A little extra tv for sanity. 

It’s not what we planned and the boy will miss his birthday party

But all in good time

A day’s a day. 

Tomorrow’s another. 

Today we rest. 

Today is good, too. 

Planned or not. 


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