Real // Five Minute Friday

I can always come up with excuses about why something didn’t go my way. 

Reasons, if you want to use a more positive word. 

There’s always something to let me off the hook of just not doing the thing I might want to or need to. 



Valid. Invalid. Made up or real. 

The question always sits the same. 

Would I have done it if all the doors were open or would I have let fear sit on my face, dug my heals in and waited til my dying breath to finally pursue the thing I felt drawn to do?

I don’t want to find out. I sit with all the doors open – except for doubt and insecurity beating me up from behind – it’s time to go through with it and try something out. 

It’s time to be me. 

It’s time to be real. 

I have doubts, but sometimes those doubts keep me from walking in really cool things. 

It’s time to move. 


I never manage to write very much in these five minutes and things sometimes end up feeling more contrived and less spontaneous then I might like or my own version of what’s expected might allow, but I always enjoy the exercise. Click on the picture above to join in today! 

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