Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson {Book Review}

I have loved all of Sally Clarkson’s books I’ve read. The Ministry of Motherhood, Desperate (with Sarah Mae), The Mission of Motherhood, and Own Your Life are books that I will go back to over and again. Own your life was one of those books I wanted to absorb as quickly as possible while at the same time letting it steep into the center of myself just a little bit more to get as much out of it as possible. Sally’s fluid story telling, with just enough detail to make it beautiful, was the perfect accompaniment to her admonitions to take ownership of our lives and legacies.

“Quite simply, owning my life means living up to my spiritual potential.”
– Sally Clarkson, Own Your Life

I really love how she gives so much gentle emphasis and encouragement in our role as mothers while at the same acknowledging our desire to pursue other things. She’s not all or nothing at home or work. It’s a careful dance in following God and carrying through with his more complete picture of our life. Not to say we have to be doing something outside of the home. It’s more paying attention and gleaning from His guidance as we steward our talents, responsibilities and blessings. 

“Home is the stage whre the play of your life is delivered. As you clarify your vision, accept your limitations, and cultivate grace, you are laying the foundations that will build influence and legacy. Homes built this way are necessary if we are to continue passing down righteousness, hospitalitym and grace from one generation to the next. If you long to increase your influence, then own your home life right where you are. Your quiet and consistent labor will result in a story spoken with gratitude long after it has been given in the sevice of the one who is creating an eternal home for us in heaven. “

– Sally Clarkson

She is gifted at speaking vision over people. 

To her children when they were young:
 “I believe God has given you the capacity and the ability to grow strong inside, to live courageously, to have great faith, and to become a person of considerable influence in your lifetime. God has made you with such wonderful potential. But I cannot make you strong and good – you will have to choose that for yourself. I will love you, encourage you, and help you in every way. But I cannot make you a great person.” 

In a letter to her daughter:
 “My sweet precious, you will always have a choice to make. If you look at the darkness and fear, you will grow dark in your soul. But if you look to God and trust Him with your days, you will reflect His reality in all your words, your relationships, your work, and your celebrations.” 

– Sally Clarkson, Own Your Life

I would recommend this book for any woman. The book is written from Sally’s perspective as a mother and and mother, but the principles are applicable to women (or men, really) in any stage of life. I would be really interested in going through this book with a group of women of varying ages and talking about it from all perspectives (from newbies to been there done thats). 

And a few bonus quotes on struggles: 

“All life demands struggle, those who have everything given to them become lazy, selfish, and insensitive to the real values of life, the very striving and hard work that we so constantly try to avoid is the major buidling block in the person we are today. -Pope Paul VI” 
“There I learned that life was not about my ease, but about God’s desire to help me become mature.”
“Pehaps most important, I discovered that heroes are made during the secret moments. Though they practice faith, integrity, and courage when no one else is there to see, at the right time, they will come out of spirtual “basic training” with the integrity and action required to accomplish something great.” 
“But in order to thrive and heal, you must accept any limitations by faith, trust in His faithfulness each step of the way, and wait for His grace so you can live in a faithful story right in the place you find yourself.”

And this last ever encouraging blessing of reliance on the grace of Jesus: 

“Whatever the sources of our burdens we do not have to carry them. We are quite free to accept the newness and freshness of life that Jesus granted. No matter what we have done or what we will do, we are not defined by our earthly lives, but by the healing, redeeming life of Jesus and His heavenly Father.” 
– Sally Clarkson

What about you? How are you owning your life? How are you conciously living into what God has called you to? 


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(((I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review from tyndaleblognetwork.com. All opinions are my own. )))

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