Busy Zoo, One Car, and Good Food {a day in the life}

We’ve been in an interesting scheduling time. Israel’s been getting up early to work on a side project and to run in the morning, we’ve only been using one of our cars since the government decided to hijack the other (failed emissions test/not fixing it in time/revoked registration til we cooperate. Ha. Decisions have yet to be made about that car. Silly Gov.) 

Anyway that complicates the schedule on days we home people want to go anywhere further than a mile or two away and simplifies things on other days. 

So this is how it’s been going. 

Yesterday – a Friday:

6:20 – Israel wakes up and heads to a coffee shop to work on his project and then run a million ..okay 9… Miles in our beautiful foothills. I tell myself I’ll just go back to sleep, but, since I seem to have gained an internal alrm of about 6 AM, don’t.

6:45 – Ali is awake. She watches preschool and eats cheeries next to me on the couch while I read blogs.

 7:15  – Preschool is done, wandering, chasing cats, and climbing ensue.

7:30 – Ranger wakes up and we head to the dining table for our breakfast of cereal. 

8ish  – I sit around and read while the kids play a bit. Change a diaper, get that kid dressed. 

8:30ish – get myself ready for the day, change another diaper, get the other kid dressed. 

8:45 – Make israel’s lunch: Pbj, chips, oranges, and a fig bar. Somehow he’s not worn out on peanut butter sandwiches yet. Thankfully for me :) 

9ish. Gather books to go to the library and snacks for to hit up the zoo after we drop  israel off at work. 

9:30 – Israel dashes in the door, grimy from running. He showers while I get everyone’s shoes on and find sippy cups. 

9:45 – we hop in the car and are on our way. We drop israel off at work and make our way to the zoo. I opt to park halfway between the zoo and the library since the zoo parking looked busy.. And sure enough it was a madhouse. I forgot it was spring break. Blech for busy.

10:30 – wait in the zoo members line for 20 minutes while watching the other line go so much more quickly….turns out they sent the cash and check people through the members line too…thanks guys. 

10:40- wander around the zoo for a while, give the kids banana muffins (amazing gluten free recipe here!).  i end up feeding the animals at the petting zoo because my children can’t get that close to sheep yet. Apparently. Also Ali freaked when she tripped walking towards a goat and thought it was going to eat her…her fling sent her her headlong very quickly in a large animal’s direction….understandably scary.  

11:30 – I beg off the rest of the zoo, buy a pretzel and we go eat it in the park. The saltiest 4 dollars you ever saw. Never again..lol. 

11:50 We stroller over to the library, get a few books, and then back to the car.

12:50 – We make it  back home finally. Stick Ali in her bed. Asleep. Change Ranger’s stinky bum. Warm up a quesadilla and wash an apple for him. Stick him in his bed. 

1:10 – eat my apple, prowl the internet, listen to Ranger munching his apple in his bed, write this post. 

1:32 – current. 

1:40 – find lunch. 

2:30 – hear ranger rustling around, let him know he can get up and play quietly if he wants to, he says he needs to sleep. But doesn’t. 

2:45 – I scrawl out a five minute friday post, transcribe and post it. And then hang out in the fmf community a while. 

3:25 – Ali wakes up from her nap so I get them both up at the table for some eggs and banana muffin. (Good lunch right?)

3:35 – put everyone’s shoes back on.

3:45 – and hustle out to the car to pick up Israel before traffic strikes. 

4:00 – arrive, text Israel to let him know we’re there, catch up on texts, hand out suckers to the backseat babies, and settle down on twitter to wait for Israel to be free from work. We had to turn on the AC because it warmed up to 78*! 

4:20 – Israel is finally free and we drive home. Wash the sticky blue off little fingers, admire blue tongues, and send them outside with their leftover eggs at the picnic table to run off the sugar before the evening’s activity. 

5:00 catch up post. 

[sidenote: we usually pick Israel up closer to 5 or 5:30. Also: we don’t always do this much in a day! I have just been packing it in the days we get the car at home! :) ]

5:45 – leave to meet a friend for a dinner of amazing ethiopian food (Boise International Market, folks. It’s where the cool kids go.). Yum. Delicious injera, doro wat, zilzil, and shiro with Amazing a tually real chai tea for dessert. Yums. Oh and baclava. Mhmm, be jealous. Oh and my kids like spicy food. We had fun chatting and laughing with each other at our crazy chldren. 

7:45 – get home, chat with the neighbors who are moving. Ali gets kissed by their golden retriever. Old dogs are the best. . 

8:00 – let the kids play outside a little more.

8:15 – Apply jammies, toothbrushing and bed!   

8:40 – catch up this post and eavesdrop on Israel and Ranger’s conversation about how bears aren’t actually that scary and definitely aren’t anywhere near his dark bedroom…poor kid.

8:46 – current. And we’ll probably just finish out the evening with a movie and the rest of our chai tea which has just finally cooled off! :) and some nerd conversation to round it out, actually. 


What were some highlights from your yesterday? 


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