Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden {book review}

Last year my garden was pitiful. I think it was just in drought mode. We turned off our automatic sprinklers and used an independent sprinkler with a hose instead because our system is not installed right and seems to like to throw 40-50 dollars of water a month right out the door.

Soo. The sprinklers and my elbow grease kept the grass green…ish..ha. But my garden suffered and was quite different from the plentiful stores it put out the year before. And our oak tree in the front yard gave the squirrels absolutely zero acorns. I would feel guilty, but the winter was decidedly unimpressive on this coast so the squirrels are still quite fat. Crisis averted.


I’d like to have the lush and plentiful look back in my garden this year!

I was especially inspired by the cover of this book:The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden: Grow Tons of Organic Vegetables in Tiny Spaces and Containers and would absolutely love my garden to be that lush and beautiful.

I’m not sure if I’ll get to try out many of the ideas this year, but the main message of the book is that you can grow lots of veggies in a small space given properly ferilized soil (they tell you exactly how!), crop rotation, and planting things in specific way so as to utilize shady spaces and different lengths of growing periods. If it works it would be so much fun! And so many veggies. :)

This book is great because it gives very specific directions and ideas for laying out, preparing, planting, watering, harvesting, and revamping your garden. As well as tons of information about specific plants, how they work together, and what types of veggies might serve you best.

I’d like to think of it ws a newbie gardener’s handbook and will probably keep it around to build on my half a green thumb.

This year I’ll probably out an extra bit of fertilizer in my garden’s dirt, follow some of the close planting ideas, and then make sure not to induce a mini drought on my pet greenerys!

Depending on the results this year, I have plans for changing up my space and making the dirt a little better next year. Probably with the help of this book…and my husband’s back… :)

It should be fun!

I’m hoping for pictures more like this in the summer:


How does your garden grow? And how do you grow your garden? 


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((I received a complimentary copy of The Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden from in exchange for my honest review.))

2 thoughts on “Postage Stamp Vegetable Garden {book review}

  1. I can totally recommend “The vegetable gardener’s bible”. I’ve had it for ten years and I’ve learned a ton from it. I just ordered its sister (flower gardener’s bible) so I’m excited to learn more about growing flowers!


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