What I’m Into | March 2015

March just soared on by in a mix of blue skies, warm afternoons, and chilly mornings. I love having the warmer weather back as it is always good for my spirit and sense of well-being.

 It was a fun and good month. I’ve been reassessing, rearranging and reprioritizing so many things and ideas. Spring is here for sure! 



(I’ve moved to posting more on Instagram.. and I do have it set on private…so if you want to follow me, just be someone I’ve seen here before or have an instagram of your own that seems like it’s from a real person. And most likely you’ll make the cut :) )

 Books I’m reading or plan to begin soon:


Books I read: 

  1. Three Daughters: A Novel by Consuelo Saah Baehr – I loved learning  from the rich historical and cultural details in this book. A lovely 700 page read. Good for actually learning the characters. 
  2. Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds by Jen Wilkin – agreat base book for getting down to the business of studying (not just skimming!) the Bible. Very information-based critical reading style of studying, 
  3. Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within by Natalie Goldberg – this was such an inspiring book on writing. The stories were focused and well-told, the writing prompts thoughtprovoking and full of guidance. I alternated between wanting to inhale the whole thing or to just sit down and write a book then and there. 
  4. The Postage-Stamp Vegetable Garden by Karen Newcomb – now I need bunnies and a compost bin for my garden supplies! Handy guide for beginning gardeners of small spaces. 


 Other People’s words:

 My friend Liz  ( I get to meet her in real life next week!) who writes at So I Married a Youth Pastor wrote this post about feeling like a misfit and it really encouraged me.

“We are made not to fit in because there is no such thing.
We are the women who kick down walls. There is no box for us to live in, and we cannot be contained.
We refuse to be labeled.” – Liz Ehrenkrook, in Real Talk

I feel like Rachel is my friend too even though we’ve never met or spoken past our blogs. She writes so many things that resonate with me. Here is her piece on our post baby bodies and what being beautiful really feels like:

Every day we are offered the choice to look in that mirror and shake our fists at those living-again lies and say, No. I don’t believe you. This body is not unbeautiful. It is strong. It is amazing. It is the loveliest beautiful there ever, ever was.

Because this is the truth.” – Rachel Toalson, in This is What Beautiful Feels Like

And Esther lives in Idaho and I feel like we should be friends at least :) Here she writes about not feeling at ease in the Christian ladies groups, but why staying is important and vital, but also unavoidable:

“For better or for worse, I’m stuck right in. Whatever “Christian woman” means, it means me, too. I can’t and won’t let go of my identity in Christ”. – Esther Emery, in The Christian Sisterhood, for Better and for Worse

Please do go and visit these women! They are writing many worthwhile things to read and consider. 

 (I’m also switching most of my link sharing to a different location as it seems like I end up sharing more than I have time to promote properly. That being said, I’ll probably keep sharing 3-4 of my favorites in this post each month and then share the rest on my facebook page as I come across them. I hope you’ll join me there if these links are something you’ve enjoyed in the past.) 



In Retrospect and Beyond

  • A weekend ago we got to get away without our children for a night in honor of our fourth anniversary. It was so very strange to have so much uninterrupted quiet but also amazing to be able to actually finish our conversations. Not to mention only having one person to pay attention to at any given time! A lovely break.
  • March was slightly afflicted with illness and poor Ranger’s birthday party got canceled. Luckily he’s young enough he survived without too much fussing. And we are all finally mostly recovered. Hurray! 
  • I finally figured out that if I don’t prioritize and pursue things that are importnat to me no one else will. 
  • I’ve decided that since writing seems to be wha I can do right now outside of having kids, I need to start now and get a little more serious. Even if only for my sanity. It was a happy change.
  • That being said: I am going to the faith anf culture writer’s conference in Portand next week. I’m excited to meet friends and new people, take my writing a bit more seriously, and let’s face it, to go somewhere by myself. I’m so very thankful for the people who are helping me get there. 
  • I chopped my hair a bit shorter. It has been fun and surprisingly insightful and inspiring. I’m planning to write a post about it in the next week or two. Pictures eventually too. Yesyes. :) 
  • I ordered a Blue apron box for me to gift good food to Israel for his birthday. I had so much fun making delicious things. I might be inspired to try harder in the future. And I might be inspired to order another box every now and then to make my life easier. It is somewhat spendy, but much cheaper than going out. And fun to try new things. 


On my blog: 

I reviewed too many books. One I absolutely loved. The rest varied. 

I wrote about wanting to be brave and bold. And then also started particpating in five minute friday and two more brief musings on being brave ensued: Real and Break.

Besides these themes I managed a reflection on the significance of responsibility, birthday posts for my two munchkins, and a record of a random day in my life, plus a random few others. 


I’d love to hear from you here or anywhere else! :) Find me on FacebookTwitter, Instagram, or Goodreads!


What I'm Into

7 thoughts on “What I’m Into | March 2015

  1. Wait, what? Hello! You’re in Boise? Have we met? I am driving to F&C. Don’t let me miss meeting you!! I’m kind of easy to spot with my short spiky hair. And I’ll be looking out for you, too!


    1. Yes! Hi! No we haven’t met. I’ve been following your blog for a little more than a year now I think. Maybe closer to two? I share all the time but just don’t comment often. I would love to find you next week! I’ll keep my eyes peeled! :) I haven’t met many Idaho bloggers who show up in my beaten paths on the internet. I am looking forward to meeting more like-minded people in portland!


  2. What delightful pictures! And now that I’ve read about someone mentioning this book again (Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within) I just might finally request it from the library for summer reading. You have a beautiful family.


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