A Trivial Twelve for Tuesday

  1. I’m freaking out excited about going to the Faith and Culture Writing Conference this weekend. It will be interesting and different. And hopefully inspiring and fun.
  2. I am making this to freeze and eat tonight. Molly’s 10 Minute Chicken is ridiculously simple, tasty, freezable, and husband approved. Definite winner in my imaginary cookbook. Or the virtual cookbook on my mom’s blog :) Thanks for posting or curating all my favorite recipes, mom! :) 
  3. I’ve been Pinteresting recently and have loved a bunch words recently. Here are a couple batches:     
  4. Also I am loving these colorful inspirations for decorating:   
  5. And my style board has been fun to curate. I will allow it to lead me a little more in my thrift store browsing:     
  6. Eventually my garden will look like this:   
  7. And my impulsiveness is contemplating shorter hair (that might be an oxymoron, ah well. The state of my impulsiveness is that it contemplates things first sometimes:) :  
  8. I’m letting myself dream about all sorts of things these days. In my writing I am prioritizing more and even trying to work up a few guest posts to submit in other places. We’ll see how that goes. 
  9. I’ve been expirimenting with talking about things while recording myself. It is interesting. And surprisingly fun. You might see some of that eventually, too.
  10. I have so many ideas for posts. I need to just write and post as I think of them, but I suppose and endless list of things to write about is a fairly writerly thing to do. 
  11. Right now, though, I should get off the couch and freeze/cook the meat I collected at the grocery store. Oh and I’m excited because I downloaded a list app for my android phone. I will henceforth speak my list into existance and carry it with me everywhere. *Insert evil laugh here* you’re welcome for that sidenote. Ha.
  12. Finally, to send you on your way, two less trivial, more informational/inspirational places to spend your time if you ever feel stuck or disempowered as a woman: Girl Rising on Netflix (this will remind you just how privileged you are and inspire you to use it if you’re anything like me) and Playing Big by Tara Mohr (this will help you with strategies for using that advantage more effectively and bravely). 

The End. 


Tell me something trivial about your Tuesday? 


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