Relief // Five Minute Friday


Relief is the sigh that says: “They know me here. At lest part of me. These are my people.”

Relief is not needing to tlk because silences are given the grace to be good things instead of pauses to be filled by inane words. 

Relief is not being the one to fill the pauses because my soul has taken a break. A retreat. A sigh. Relief. 

Who can know how something will effect them or what will be the reaction of the room when your words turn loud and bold and funny. Who can know?

Who can know the relief you’ll feel when you ralize you’ve found  circle where large amounts of introspection and pointed reflection is normal? And a viable way to get from A to B. Relief – that other people make decisions out of themselves instead of outside sources; impulses and feelings instead of facts you can put a finger on. 

Relief is realizing the path you’re on leads somewhere. 

And it might just be similar to where you want to go. 



Writing from the Faith and Culture Writer’s conference tonight. Enjoying the time! 

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3 thoughts on “Relief // Five Minute Friday

  1. Hi, Erika, I’m stopping by from FMF. I was a little late to the link-up this week. :) This is just lovely and I can really relate. Thanks for sharing!
    Jen @ Being Confident of This


  2. Thanks Erika for your words today about relief. I especially like, “Relief is realizing the path you’re on leads somewhere.” That is relief and since Jesus is the Path we know that it will lead somewhere good. Visiting from FMF today. Blessings to you.


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