7 Brilliant Ways to Greet Your Husband After Work

  1. Guess what! I finally folded my laundry! Yeah, probably not in the top ten. But for me it’s exciting! Most of the time I make the time to fold/put away everyone else’s laundry and am so fed up with it (read: the children woke up from their naps and folding laundry to a whiny chorus of unfolders doesn’t appeal) I usually end up tossing  stuffing mine into my wardrobe helter skelter for the eventual sorting folding. So it is slightly momentous to have my laundry stacked and hung neatly. :)
  2. The training child only had two accidents today. One stinky, one not. Nothing like hearing about potty training during dinner..or…ever. I would prefer to never hear about it. But, toddlers.
  3. We went for a walk to nowhere. We did. I walked, because I had no energy to run and the day was beautiful. Also, the children fight less when contained in the stroller.
  4. I need to get flowers for my front flowerpot. Perennials this time. Definite need, well want. But then also something my hubs will enjoy more after I’ve actually made it pretty instead of in the all-in-my-head stage.
  5. I weeded the driveway! And the roses! Look at me be productive and cleanerly! Okay. Okay. That was tuesday, but look at me being productive. Lol :)
  6. I finished a book! This tends to be not unusual enough to mention too often. Ha :) most recently: Nobody’s Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle. Fun, hilarious goodness.
  7. I made all the food, but you tell me how to make it the rest of the way…lol. So yes, he has opinions about the food, but, self, that is your task/problem this evening. Be creative. I made some gravy out of the drippings and added some mustard to it, threw together biscuits, and roasted some veggies to go with our pork roast. Ended up quite yummy and had enough variety to please the toddlers. Ranger ate carrots, asparagus, and biscuit, Ali ate pork, asparagus and jam. Tomorrow we are having breakfast food for ease and fun.

More Brillianter Conversation Starters: 

  1. Ranger is asleep in his chair! Look right here right now! Cuteness to revive your spirit! 
  2. Ranger is a muffin theif!  Aren’t the antics of our children cute?


That’s how it goes over here. Chatter comes easily somedays :) Something about being alone with your kids all day, I guess. 

How about you? What brilliant ways could you have greeted your husband today? 

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