What I’m Into | April 2015


This month was extremely full and filled me up as well. I feel like I can finally step into myself as who I am, instead of who I’m not quite living up to being, and probablye not even meant to be. And that is good. 

I went to the Faith and Culture Writers Conference in Portland. Now I love and know the feeling of being in a room with mostly just “your” people. And hearing someone’s voice after only reading their words. And being inspired by the visions and words being lived and written by them all. I came home feeling like the path I’m taking is good and worthwhile and attainable. And maybe even just right for me right now. There is something just good about listening,sharing processes and thoughts on sharing carefully, and just talking about this thing we’re doing all on our isolated screens. 

Beyond this I’m enjoying: 

  • Practice camping in the backyard. Because maybe if we can make it easier for them to fall asleep in the tent with us we can enjoy camping just a little more this summer.
  • Having shorter hair. It helps me choose to be me instead of someone else. Less hiding, somehow. 
  • Thrifting to decorate my house in brighter colors and more like me things. 
  • Planting all the flowers and growing things.
  • Meeting new friends, hanging out with old ones. 
  • Getting a little more okay with “just” being a stay at home mom. And learning from it. Even when it tends to lead to somewhat mundane conversation starters.
  • Deciding I am more INFJ than ISFJ after all. 
  • Turning 25. Somehow it makes a difference when you always end up hanging out with people 7-12 years older than you. At least it does to me. Another year is good. 


You Are Writing the Story of Your Life by Sally Clarkson:

“Each of us has a work to do for Him in this world. It starts with a choice to love, serve, and grow in Him today, right where you are. Today is a part of the story you are writing.”

On Seeing People at StyleWise Blog:

“This is what I’m getting at: mutual understanding doesn’t come naturally. To see people, you have to be willing to get to know them. You have to ask them what they need instead of assuming you have the answers. You have to see past the small talk and really look them square in the face and try to memorize it for next time. You have to learn to do this every single time. And it’s never easy.”

How to be Counter-Cultural at Accidental Devotional:

I printed these next two I needed them so much: 

A Story that Makes Room For All of Us by Sarah Bessey:

“The temptation is to say that our own narrow experience trumps all other evidence or the experiences of others.
The temptation, particularly for those of us who operate from a position of privilege, is to gravitate towards the good and ignore the very real and true cries of the oppressed and marginalized or even just-plain-different-from-us of our society, to retreat into the worlds of our own making and the brightly lit aisles of a shopping centre, and then point to the good stories as good enough for us. We seek our convenience and comfort and safety. Surely these stories of abuse or injustice are anomalies, right? And we carry on.”

Emily P. Freeman’s Note from the Bench this month (you should sign up too!):

“We are on a journey of understanding and believing that our souls are infinitely more valuable than our physical bodies. 
Even though it seems bizarre that we are more willing to trust our physical safety into the hands of strangers than we are to trust our spiritual safety into the hands of God, in some ways it proves that we instinctively realize how delicate the soul really is.”


  • Currently or soon:



  • Playing Big by Tara Mohr – a great book that helped me to realize just how much and some of the ways I play small. Encouraging, challenging, empowering, important.
  • Spiritual Rhythm: Being with Jesus Every Season of Your Soul by Mark Buchanan – incredibly helpful for illustrating how our christian walk looks different at different times (seasons) and how specific rhythms of living in each season can be helpful or healing. 
  • The Highly Sensitive Person in Love: Understanding and Managing Relationships When the World Overwhelms You by Elaine N. Aron – this book (and the first!) was so helpful in bringimg to light how our sensitive and less sensitive personalitites can play into a relationship. Since I am pretty sure Israel and I are both HSPs it was especially helpful and freeing for me to read.
  • Nobody’s Cuter Than You by Melanie Shankle – such a cute and fun book. I liked her first two better since I related to them more, but it was delightful to read about someone else’s extremely fullfilling (and hilarious) girlfriend friendships. 
  • Thirty Days Hath by Chautona Havig – a cute short easy read with a spin off of arriving to a life-partner via arranged marriages.
  • Women in the Church by Grenz and Kjesbo – excellent. Good to have information like this in my head as I live out my womanhood in the church.
  • A Perilous Proposal by Michael Phillips – another good read. I needed some fiction to lighten my head after a lot of heavy reading. And historical fiction always leaves me feeling like I didn’t waste my time. This one is set in the years of the war between the states. 


What about you? 


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