Just a Monday & Home A Lot {a day in the life}

7:45AM – thumping in the living area announces the presence of someone. I go out to investigate. Israel has just come in from the yard, where he was sleeping in the tent last night, (because that is what outdoors adventurers do when grounded by work and toddlers too much) and is making coffee and cereal. I return to the bedroom to apply some water to my hair (can you say fluffly?) to flatten it a little and find my glasses. 

7:50 AM – we quietly do morning things because somehow the children have not woken up yet and peace shall jot be disturbed. Israel disppears into his office for a few more silent minutes (waking up slow is key for him) and I peruse the latest ‘news’ on facebook and email while considering doing something else. 

8:00 AM – Ali howls from the bedroom and as I open the door Ranger also pops his head up and says, “I get up, too!” We started them sleeping in the same room this weekend in anticipation of switching Ali to her own floor mattress and giving her pack and play and bedroom to thr impending younger sibling. 

Surprisingly this has improved mornings immensely and only slightly complicated going to sleep at night. Ali gets up between an hour and two hours later now and goes back to sleep easily on her own in the middle of the night thanks to her brothers reassuring breathing/voice. So that is LOVELY. :) 

I hand out bananas and we begin the banana snack and then cereal for breakfast routine. 

Israel rolls through and gives the ki hugs and says good morning.

8:30 AM – time for diapers and potty sitting and new outfits. Ali sits on the potty too since her diaper is somehow nearly dry. 

8:50 AM – start some laundry and then start in on the kids’ bedroom. I tell Ali to put the stuffed animals back in the basket and Ranger to put the legos back in the boxes. Israel joins them and helps make sure everything is away. I make him a lunch and the  put my contacts in. 

9:10 AM – text a friend back and consider the visiting schedule for the week. 

9:15 AM – Comb out ali’s hair and opt for a french ponytail. 

9:20 AM – Israel is out the door for work and our day at home officially begins. 

9:40 AM – kick the children outside so bikes can be ridden without running over little sisters and stuffed animals. 

9:45 AM – straighten the patio and find a two day old apple. We cut it up and leave a piece on the fence for the squirrels to find. So far no takers (10:10). The kids request apples too and continue tromping on their newly cleared paved area. 

10:10 AM – somehow the children are back inside again. Riding bikes and whatnot. No conflicts yet. So it is allowable.

10:12 AM – Ali needs sandals, Ranger need to get the apple off the piano and decides to throw it in the trash instead of giving it to his sister as asked. His piece of apple is given to her instead. All in a day’s life. 

10:17 AM – post is current and time to jump into other pursuits. 

10:26 AM – sorted pictures for Ali’s update. 

Pictures from the morning:

Whoohoo. Of all the hecticness. I shall catch you up now, but know the squirrel finally ran off with the apple at 2PM. 


10:26 AM – advance laundry, get myself fashioned for the day at home.

10:43 AM – pin pea plants up the fence, water peas, turn on sprinkler in the front yard in hopes of the grass seed taking and filling in the empty spots, and instruct the kids to dump all the junk/toys in their room back in their bucket shelf. 

11:20 AM – help kids finish and go potty…and then  step outside and realize the kids have dumped toys outside and into the garden while supposedly “cleaning” during unsupervised moments. Creative, but maddening. 

11:22 AM – motherly rampage begins, a clean garbage can is carried into the room, all the junk is sorted through, non-toys removed, trash removed, inane books removed (and tossed, sadly), all toys sorted into their proper sets and most sets removed to the garage. They are left with the legos, a few small wooden stacking toys, a transformer airplane, 6-8 cars, two jump ropes, and their dressup clothes (a pair of sunglasses, some necklaces, a fireman costume and a fishing hat). Good enough. Mess contained, and we attained mostly empty (and much less dumpable!) buckets in the shelf. 

12:30 PM – lunch: yogurt, muffin, lettuce, crackers, salad dressing. Absurdly simple. However by the time I get mine they are nearly finished and the rest of my meal is quite spent hopping up and down. 

I sit down to eat, ali says something about needing to go potty. Great. So I take her and she finished in the potty chair what she began in her diaper. Excellent! She got chocolate. But now I want Ranger to get chocolate as well so I encourage him to poop on the potty too. 

No luck, but since they were done eating I took off Ranger’s pants and sent him outside. Ali pealed off her clean diaper to join him. And both of them alternated sitting on the potty i had placed outside. I tried to finished my lunch.

Eventually Ranger figured out how to poop a little on the potty and went to blame it on Ali because he only connected the little messy bit on the potty with Ali pooping and not him pooping. Oblivious. Alas. So he tattled and I rushed out to check only to find out who the real culprit was. He managed to finished pooping in the grass (after I had cleaned his bum of previous evidence) while watching me clean off the potty. I must say it is much easier to pick up from grass then wash it off buns. So good enough. 

He got chocolate. Who knows when this “potty training thing” will actually stick..

They played diaperless a little more while I tried to finish my lunch. 

1:40: i got tired of watching them play on and off the potty (though pretty sure it was fairly clean (a lot of disinfectant wipes went into this day) but still gross ) so I rediapered, repottied and sent them to bed. 

2:00 naptime. And finally time for the rest of my lunch. 

2:28 PM – and the post is caught up. And my hands could use a quart of lotion to make up for all the many times I’ve washed my hands in the last little while. 


This day wore me out and only on wednesday did I get around to finishing it…so. It might be closer to guessing then actual recalling by this point. 


3:00 PM – stopped puttering around the internet aimlessly and sat sown for some good reading (currently Code Name Verity). 

3:45 PM – ranger begins making loud noises evedenoce to the fact he has not gone to sleep. He wakes up Ali and naptime is cut to a cranky close. I think ali took nearly an hour to go to sleep so was less rested than she should have been. We tried to turn on preschool, but it wasn’t worming so we turned on Curious George.  I think I read.

4:30 Pm – hit a point of laziness and turn on George again so I can shower in peace. Mostly Ali still hovered outside the door. Quick shampoo and rinse. Got to try to do my hair for the first time since cutting it. Not too shabby. 

5:15 PM – turn George off and send kids outside with snacks. 

5:30 PM – Israel home. 

5:45 PM – decide on mac and cheese for dinner because somehow I’m worn out. 

6:15 PM – food. Cleanup. Send kids into room to play with the baby gate up. 

7:30 PM – israel goes to run

7:50 PM – send the kids outside for  few more minutes. They prove unworthy of treating each other well so I put them both to bedearly. Cheesestick in hand. 

8:00 PM  – accomplish nothing much of anything.

9:00 PM – decide to start a movie and fold some laundty. Israel gets home soon after and The movie goes by the wayside.

10:30 PM – laundry sorted, ranger and Ali’s laundry is now folded. Time for bed. 


Honestly I think I get a little more done on the days I keep track of what I do, but maybe not. I think I just caught myself in a productive day. And left myself completely exhausted by the end! 


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