What I’m Into | May 2015

This month we took a trip to the coast with my family while having our own fun on the way their and back. I drove in Oregon more than I ever have. I concluded that I love having navigation on my phone, Eugene is a really fun town and easy to get around in, and the wind along the Colombia River Gorge is no joke. Israel ran a trail race in Eugene and placed 4th (woot!). Fast man. :) Ranger and Ali loved having extra time with their Nana, aunties, uncles, and cousins. I always expect to read more on vacation then I do, but, alas, these are not those years. 
Some pictures from May:


I hardly read at all this month, it would seem. 

  • It took me a while to get into Code Name Verity but I was quite pleased withthe plot twists. Perfectly surprising even if it took a while to get there. 
  • With Every Letter was well-researched and well written. Engaging story line and historical background. Nice quick read without feeling like a waste of time. 
  • I was hooked by Better Than Before and inhaled it in a few days. So interesting. I will have a review up sometime next month.

Reading or about to start:


Some links all relating to the faith journey that is motherhood:

Everything by Faith Raider

“But isn’t that the context in which we find ourselves? In ordinary moments of selflessness and service for those we love? Jesus is drawing us, inviting me into seeing these moments through His eyes. To see them as what they really are. That all of this stuff that seems like nothing is, in His eyes, everything.”

The Muddled Middle by Mary Ostyn

“She looked me in the eye and said, “Yeah, lots of projects look kind of messy in the middle, but they usually work out OK in the end.”

Motherhood: Transformation by Interruption by Sarah Bessey

“I’m still a planner. This is a good thing, I believe. It’s brought great stability to my life and to the lives of others. But I know the limits to my plans are often the breath of the Spirit stirring in my life, if only I have the eyes to see and ears to hear and heart to receive it. It’s the Spirit who’s hiding in our very plain and regular sort of interruptions, not only so that we can minister to others, but so that the Spirit can minister to us.”

Control and simplicity:

  • I got frustrated with all the single socks floating around and bought Ranger and Ali a bunch of white socks all in the same size. Hopefully that will ease sock matching and finding. The colored ones are all still floating around too, of course. But at least we’ll need them less! 
  • Step counting. I called it a mother’s day present and good use of birthday money and bought a step counting thingamajigger that is also a gps watch I can use for running. Sooo. Now I have a more exact idea just how much I’m sitting on the couch. Numbers are pretty motivating for me. 
  • ePantry cleaning supplies are making my life easier and simpler.  I actually clean things because I know exactly what each cleaner is for, it’s delievered to my door (how fun is it to get things in the mail?!), and it frees up prime real estate in my cart and my brain on grocery trips with my two toddlers (#mayhem #loud #dontstopthecart). — if that sounds good to you too: use this link to sign up by the 31st and you’ll get a free 70hr Soy candle and $10 off your purchase.

Looking forward to things:

  • I am so excited for more pairs of cousins coming soon. My sister and I have decided this is a perfectly reasonable wya to have twins. Lol. 
  • I only have 3.5ish more months of pregnancy and I made a list with things to do each week. Because nothing helps time to pass like having too much to do. Also, i might forget if I didn’t have a list. #pregnantbrain.

On my own bloggerly – I posted less but actually wrote more of note this month: 

I wrote about being a whole person and announced our third baby: A Secret of the Growing Kind, outlined another day in my life, explored how following God actually feels and maybe why, wrote about writing and not, and shared some other random bits along the way. 

This summer I’m teaming up with a few other writer-bloggers who are also mothers. We’ll be hosting fun things and writing the summer away at our #WholeMama series. If your art and your life and your mothering and everything else feel disjointed and at war for your identity you might like to join us! We’re hoping for a party of encouragement and community. Stay tuned for more info next Tuesday! 


How was your May? 


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