#WholeMama Summer {new link-up and many fun people)

So today is Tuesday! 

But you knew that. Of course. 

This summer we’re kicking off something fun and different. 


Each Tuesday (starting June 16th!) a group of us (and you, I hope!) are getting together and writing on the overarching theme of Whole Mama with a structure inspired by Five Minute Friday. Each Monday night we’ll announce a one word prompt on twitter. Then we’re envisioning a getting to know you sort of twitter hubbub as we sort and process and share a bit and work on our own pieces on the prompt word. 

We’ll be linking up and sharing joy. We’ll be pulling fun stunts on instagram and twitter parties, chatting on Fuze video calls, and just encouraging each other to live whole and free. A summer of reflecting on what it means to be a whole mama. 

I love the way Esther put it in her post: “This is our mission: TO LIVE INTO THE BRIDGE BETWEEN OUR MOM LIVES AND OUR CREATIVE AND SPIRITUAL LIVES.”

So let’s find the bridge, ladies. Let’s be ourselves instead of being pieces of ourself at different times and in different places (though that’s bound to happen, anyway). We’re here to live into the tension.

It is not a tutorial or course, by any means, it is simply a group of mamas practicing the art of being whole between the calls of our children, day jobs, household responsibilities, spirituality, and art. 

It’s life and that’s just how it happens. 

Let’s do it together and find the bridge. 

I know I need one. 


This idea started out small and gained momentum as God took it places we hadn’t imagined. Esther and I were looking for a way to encourage each other write more regularly over the summer and it morphed into a grandscale stay-at-home adventure from there. Read Esther’s post to hear how it morphed and to find out all the details about conference calls, twitter parties, linkups, the who and what, and everything else. 

Go here —>>>> What You Want to Know About #WholeMama

We’ll be sharing more and introducing ourselves next Tuesday, but right now our Whole Mama group includes: Jamie Wright Bagley, Velynn Brown, Cara Meredith, Sarah Torna Roberts, Esther Emery, and me. 

We’re having fun and I’d love to have you join us too!!

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