Introducing Esther! {#WholeMama}

This is going to be such fun summer of writing and encouraging! Next week we’ll kick off with a word and the rest of the fun. And this week we’re doing introductions! We’re doing video itro because what’s more fun than hearing the actua voice and seeing the face of those people we mostly only read words from?? 

I’m so happy to be able to introduce Esther to you all today! She lives near me but completely off-grid and I find her writing especially inspiring. Here’s her video where she talks very briefly about her journey as a whole mama.  She’s the mastermind of organization behind this whole summer and how we’re all working together in this little project. 

Here’s Esther:

And this week my video will be at Cara’s blog. This is the very first time I have recorded myself for the internet and my ipad likes to point out how quiet I am! so be prepared to turn up the volume as you head over to her place for my intro!

Today we’re also instagramming it up with our selfies and brief introductions and we’d love for you to join us with the hashtag #wholemama! You’ll be entered into a fun book giveaway and immediate initiation into this whole mama fun time. And If you’d like to make your own video intro you can share it in the comments at Esther’s place!

Next week we’ll kick off with a twitter party, fuze call for those of us who love face to face writing encouragement, and our prompt for the linkup on Tuesday.

I am looking forward to seeing all your faces on instagram today!


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