World // Five Minute Friday

   Sometimes the world is too much to keep up with. Everything changing. So many things to improve. So many things to know about and do things about and talk about and be aware of or be in charge of. And yet here I am in my own little world of toddlers and preschoolers and potty training and not potty training (because who says this is actually gonna stick?? Oh yess all the potty trained children I know. Ok ok. I digress though.) in my own little world that is really quite limited I can get just as overwhelmed as I can when considering the bigger picture and the bigger world. 

Why is it so easy to take in too much of the world and want to shut down?

How can we filter our levels of stimulation or arousal such that we can successfully interact with those in our care and possibly consider greater world wide needs?

I feel like the solution is so far out fo my grasp I am left gasping in mouthfuls of water. Drowning in the reality of responsibility: personal, familial, and worldwide. 

How can we do enough?

And yet here I sit ensconced behind a screen during naptime listening to the cats breathe (they also believe in naptime and sleep the entire time the children are). It is convenient and quiet and epeaceful. 

But still sometimes my mind is ill at ease considering all I have to do, should do, or don’t want to do. 

I am really bad at resting but that the same time really good at doing absolutely nothing in a frenzied manner. 

I suppose the only place to turn is God and I should point us there as a kingdom spreader. 

And I know to go there will help, but still my mind is ill at ease and doesn’t come across the answers easily. 

But trust and God. 

The world is too big for me, but who made it, anyway?

..that’s my five minutes…

What are your thoughts? 

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2 thoughts on “World // Five Minute Friday

  1. I can really relate to your thoughts and feelings, I really felt this way when mine were younger and still have those moments! It is especially hard when you have little ones – right now you’ll mostly be touching the bigger world simply by investing in the lives of your own little ones. As they grow, your stage of life will change and God will lead you to other ways to reach out… But He has really taught me about being content with the role He has given me this year, and that, if it is what He has for me to do, it is “big enough.”


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