Power {#WholeMama} 

We have to admit we have power. 

As we tuck the little ones into bed each night. each time they beg for one more kiss or hug.

We have to find our strength to get through the deep and hard contractions that bring our family into being. the groaning no man will ever know, even as our husbands stand by our sides in pained helplessness. relying on our strength as we rely on theirs to get us all through. 

God knits the strength and power. 

He binds us to who he is so we can carry on. 

We have to admit we have power because he gives it to us day by day. 

Each time we meet the day and the things it brings. 

We dig to the end of what we thought we had. 

And then we have another life to care for as we also carry on. Life doesn’t change too much but we know how strong we are. 

carrying on with the new one in our arms. 

finding the strength he made us to know we shape the moments. for better or for worse. 

His hand still guides us even as we have power. 

We can be superheros or wanderers or wonderers or dreamers or grace-seekers, peacemakers, and mothers. 

The list of titles doesn’t end as he shows us who we are in Him and not in ourselves alone. 

We greet the day powerful, and empowered for our lives. 

Even when it feels like we are small and weak and useless,

Even when our words run rampant and emotions spring from wild within,

Even when we wonder if our wholeness even matters, 

Even when the world takes all it has and flings our wayward hearts with it, 

Even then we are empowered and He is faithful. 

He made this life of ours for his glory and what better way to show it then through our brokenness that asks us to bend and break and admit our need for Him and our lack of power. 

somehow the power is in the admission of lack. 

We know what we have and struggle and when we reach for Him it’s there again. 

cloaked in humility. 

hidden in grace. 

it’s a quiet power at times. one that hides behind corners of frustration and guilt.

other times it’s loud. asking us to meet the power in places that change our nature. 

we weep and rage and speak and hope. 

as God works in us his power and will. 

we wonder where the words are, we wonder about the following and how to do it right, we search, we are lost, we wait.

but still, 

in times where our love seems drained, our patience at an end, our courage forever lost in fear, 

somehow we get to the bottom and come back up. 

in spite of ourselves and because of him.

we have to admit we have power.

empowered by the one who made us to live these broken lives to please him. 

The only way to live empowered is to know where our power comes from. 


Be not wise in your own eyes. My prayer is to one day be here in this spot where I know I have power and where it comes from and why. But for now all I can do is to write the words I wish I knew in my life. I run not as one having reached the goal, but as one taking painful steps and learning along the way. 


This week living empowered might look like:

  • Finding the last drop of strength when little ones don’t sleep.
  • Employing empathy when you just want to shut down from overwhelm. 
  • Choosing to do something wholemama-wise to refill your ability to be.
  • Resting in the Where of your power and finding confidence not in yourself.

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10 thoughts on “Power {#WholeMama} 

  1. “in spite of ourselves and because of him. we have to admit we have power. empowered by the one who made us to live these broken lives to please him. The only way to live empowered is to know where our power comes from.” So often we forget and try to do it on our own, but He’s always there for us. We are all still learning. I don’t know if we ever stop. Sometimes, like you said, we reach bottom before we can come back up. Yes, we have power, a power greater than any other because it comes from God Himself.


  2. Relating the finding-the-strength we’re sure we don’t have to those eternal moments in childbirth, whew! That’s totally what it’s like. To hand them one more drink of water, or kiss, or mommy-i-have-to-tell-you-one-more-thing when they are supposed to be asleep and I’m supposed to be off the clock? It sometimes feels like an eternal stage, too. Then I hear from mothers who miss those days and wish them back, and I find that deep well connected to my future self; she’s/I’m going to make it, so maybe there’s a bit more treasure in the present to cling to.


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