Dream // Five Minute Friday

 Is it a coincidence we dream with all the lights out? The day is past, our thoughts are used up, we close our eyes and dream. 

When the day is gone we dream. 

When what we’ve lived and known is behind us, we dream to process it all and learn. 

And then the other moments in the world. We dream awake and wonder what is next. We hope for new things and old things to change we dream with eyes wide open looking toward what could be. 

Dreaming in the dark. 

Dreaming in the light. 

Would-be hopeful reflections of things past and things to come. 

We dream without knowing the answers or thereasons why. Our thoughts are not our own in dreamland. 

Maybe these moments in the dark. Dreaming while we sleep can teach us  something. 

Maybe instead of simply resting in the the dark places of life we can bide our time and dream our way to freedom. Dream of how things might be in the future and then since we are awake already make that future happen. Because we can only go as far as our vision takes us. 

Sometimes that vision stops short a little when we’re stuck, but we can move still, even if only in our dreams. 

Who knew we could dream awake and asleep. In dark and in light. 

We can dream when life is going our way and when it’s not. 

How else do we get to the other side? 

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4 thoughts on “Dream // Five Minute Friday

  1. Bah! I love that we are FMF neighbors!!

    Such a good reflection – on dreaming in the dark. I’m working hard on being an active daytime dreamer. Hope all is well, friend!


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