What I’m Into | June 2015


I’ve been attempting to take a few more pictures lately. Keeping the camera in ‘go’ mode on top of the piano in the living room seems to work well. That and joining in with the #itssimplytuesday crowd on instagram have been keep my kids in my visions and eyes directed a little more tworads beauty. 


You’ll see a few pictures from when we went camping over father’s day weekend. We had so much fun. Israel accidentally ran 10 extra miles but made it back right when I was considering alerting someone to figure out if he was devoured by a bear or something else drastic (or you know, twisted an ankle badly). But he made it back and we had fun. My girl is such an outside child. She adores waking up and walking outside immediately. Jammies with tennies and a winter coat over top worked quite well as the first outfit of the day. Personally, I enjoyed the addition of a little tent space (4-man tent for the win) and a box of matches to make cooking easier (vs the flint stick preferred by my outdoorsman survivor husband). The lake was blue, the mountains looked like they belonged in Chile, and the weather was much cooler. 5 star weekend. I’m ready to repeat it and get better at this camping thing. 

It’s been hot here so we have been indulging in AC, water, popsicles, and sprinklers. Also, trying not to let the grass die. (shouldn’t we let it if it wants too???)  


I actually found a few movies on netflix worth noting. Happily. Take note these were viewed by adults and therefore may have a scene or two of less than child-safe decisions, but we enjoyed them. 
When distilled to a common reason for success I would say they had compelling characters with well written stories. Simply. 

Tracers (minus a scene) – A group of young adults hire out and use their skills in parkour to perform jobs of varying levels of legality. A little romance. A little intrigue and violence. A lot of cool stunts.

Track – a young Australian women makes her way across the desert of australia with a bunch of camels. The description makes you wonder if it is worth anything, but it is extremely well-written, based on a written account of a true story, and pulls you along with highly relatable characters. Introverts abound. Interesting. Insightful. Informative.

Chef – Professional Chef turned food cart guy. Another well-written account. A lot of F-bombs though, if that bothers you.

Words and Pictures – Two high school teachers and artists – honors art and honors English – battle it out to see which is worth more, words or pictures. 

Around the House:

  • Ranger and Ali got beds! Ranger has a tall captains bed with four drawers underneath and Ali scored a toddler bed. They were thrilled to get them on the same day. (one lovely thrift store happened to have both of them! so nice to get a deal. 
  • I got pretty rag rugs for the living room to replace the old rug we reclaimed from someone’s dorm rejects years ago. The pretty rugs have brightened my room considerably. 
  • My sister and I are aiming to have a yard sale in August to get ride of all the clutter that builds up in garages and extra rooms. It’s weird to me we’ve lived here long enough to retire furniture for better functioning pieces already. We’re hoping for a fun sale and emptier houses. My stuff is not coming back inside, it will go stright to the thrift store. lol. July = Time to Decluter!


    Currently or about to start:


     Read in June: 


    Notable: All the Light We Cannot See was excellent. I read it mainly because the author lives in Boise, but I definitely do reccommend it. Design Mom is a fun fast read with tons of lovely pictures and great tips for streamlining your house for kids while keeping it pretty. Unbroken took forever to get through but was an amazing piece of well-researched historical narrative. 



    “We have permission to grow out of things, to change in ways we never thought we would. This can be hard and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with us. If there is something in our lives that is restricting us in ways that hurt, maybe it isn’t us that needs to change.””

    “I lived for naptime and bedtime. If one of the kids woke up early, I felt rage. I was desperate to get time away from them in any way I could. My overwhelming thoughts when they were napping were, Please don’t wake up. Please give me a little more time to myself. Please, just a few more minutes. I couldn’t imagine waking them up on purpose unless there was a fire.”

    “I chose this church because it was the nearest church that had child-care for my kids and weekly communion for me, and because it wouldn’t piss me off with right-wing politics.
    This church chose me, because God loves to meet me in the places I least expect. So I keep showing up.”

    “Each time, I can’t help but be struck by the irony of the situation. We spend countless hours getting our home into its best possible condition, only to leave it? Most of the time while staging our home for sale, I wondered why we had never put in the effort to stage our home for living. You know, so we could have actually enjoyed it more while we called it home.”

    Also: Whole Mama! I have been loving this. You should absolutely join this lovely group of ladies this summer. I spent an afternoon reading in the contributions for the week of Shalom and couldn’t have been more blessed by all these wise and learningful mothers. And come see us on twitter on Monday nights, that is some major encouragement and thoughtfulness there! I love it. 

    On My Blog:: 

    I wrote all things #wholemama on wholeness and seasons, admissions of power, and quiet as a core vs. a sanctuary, updated on my munchkins, many thoughts via Five Minute Friday, reviewed books on habits, friends, and mother justice, and basically did my own thing. 


    What about your June? Share a highligh or a new obsession?


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    2 thoughts on “What I’m Into | June 2015

    1. I’m all about the home design lately. I’m thinking I might blog about the reality of low income/small space, and how one can still make things home-like even so. But I’m still learning that myself. It would be great to connect with others and their ideas on the same topic. I’m going to request the Design Mom book. Thanks for the recommendation.

      It sounds like the camping was a success! And I love all the photos. Your children are so sweet. I’m glad you’re making the photo-taking intentional. I know I’ve missed out on capturing some moments simply because the camera was inaccessible. Great idea putting it in easy reach.


      1. Home design can be so overwhelming! I have a hard time just starting! And making myself spend money on things that would actually make a difference. Frugal comes naturally here. Haha :) I hope you enjoy the ideas in the book!


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