Hopefully Churching – {Guest Post at Circling the Story}

As chance would have it, here’s another dose of hope for today :) 

A big hope in the middle of change rather than the small hope I wrote about earlier. 

l realize I haven’t written about our church switch much here. It’s a topic I’ve had to feel out over the course of this year. It’s been a heart journey. Good and hard sometimes. But I’m coming to rest in this place we’ve found ourselves. 

I finally brought a few of my thoughts to coherency and this piece and various versions of it were healing and enlightening to write. As I admit our place of belonging in the new.

So here we are. 

Be sure to join me over at Circling the Story for the rest of my ramblings! 

But here’s a taste for while your page loads

“When we left our church last year I thought it was my chance to find a new and younger one. One where the age group that includes 25 wasn’t consistently the smallest age group, sermons were preached with vigor by passionate men and women, and the inspiration and motivation to move toward God was always rampant and nearly palpable.

That isn’t how it looks.

But along the way of attending a new church, where much was the same as the old, God has been asking me to see him here too.

At this church I have encountered a more grace-filled God than I have known before. It is nice, freeing me from shame and ‘shoulds’ like a breath of fresh air. Somehow I didn’t realize…”

Head here to read the rest!


How have you found grace in the midst of upheaval? Or belonging in the unfamiliar? 

I’d love to know. 

As always, thanks for reading here! 

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