Climbing, Clothes, and Twister

It’s been a cloudy week with thunderstorms in the evening. More like the weather we had here 10-12 years ago and less like the completely desert dry summers of the past few years. I like it. 

Lightning and thunder and wind and rain are great. 

And our yard is happier for the water. 

The top picture was shortly after a more blustery and rainy storm then average. It leveled off the dip in our yard and was having a hard time draining. So fun.


Also. Wet chalk is much for fun to draw with than dry chalk. It’s like a sidewalk marker. Lovely, bright and vivid. And less shuddery for the fingertips. :) 


On Friday I tried something new when my Stitchfix box came. I’ve been watching my mom have so much fun with hers. Also they added a maternity option that I’ve been really curious how it differs from online options and I was looking to find a fun dress for my brother’s wedding this weekend. so I tried it. The clothes were so much fun! But since I won’t be wearing them that much longer, it ended up feeling a little outside of my price point. Maybe I’ll try it again sometime when an investment in a nicer piece makes more sense. 

Here’s what I came in my box. Excuse the pictures it’s called: ‘I set the camera on the kitchen counter and didn’t really care that much’ mode. :) 

I loved the details (ruching, darts, double layer of fabric along the front, bright zipper along the back) of the black dress, but at 138 dollars it was a little easier to pass up. 

The dark blue blouse was blousier than I would have liked, though I liked the look of the top collar, so maybe it’d be a non-pregnant detail to look for. 

The coral dress seemed like it could be fun, but the “dry clean only” care tag put a damper on things. Also I didn’t quite understand the floofiness of the top piece. It seemed like it could work if the fit was a bit different, but not quite ”me” 

The grey and green tee was fabulous. So soft. Beautiful colors. Good fit. But $58 for a tee is a little beyond me. 

The silver necklace is so pretty. I put it on with every outfit and it worked. I love the way it dresses up a tee and I think I’ll wear it tons. It was more than I would usually spend on a necklace, but I’ve been in need of something nice for a while. Also I would lose my styling fee if I didn’t keep something. So that is the one thing I kept.  

Takeaways: jewelry makes a difference, i want to wear my heels more (just need to figure out how to walk in them), maternity stitchfix* is too spendy for me though so much fun, and you should always have someone else weigh in on clothes so you don’t get too carried away with the fun of it.

Also: I’ll be wearing a thrifted dress ($2 or 5, I think) and my new silver necklace to my brother’s wedding. Best of both worlds :) 

*if you use one of these links to sign up for a fix I get a referral credit, just FYI. :)


We had a fun weekend. Israel was gone running at a race and we opted not to coop the children in the car for 14 hours out of 34. Ahem. So the kids and I stayed home. 

Sunday morning we walked over to park, climbed and played, and then ate watermelon and reeses cups in the grass.

Ali exhibited once again how determined a climber she is. She ditched her sandals and started with a really tall ladder/bridge and was halfway up before I realized what she was doing. Turns out she was completely competent to surmount that obstacle. 

Next she went after a donut ladder. She could climb up quite high, but couldn’t access the play structure after so she moved on to the climbing wall. 

This child. She made it halfway up one side and then wanted down, but immediately tackled the other side. And with a little spotting and one minor catch made it up the other side. I was happy to help right up to the point where I could not get my hands on her anymore and then I just tried not to gasp and said, “hang on tight”. She managed it beautifully. 

Ranger had fun and climbed as well but tends to scare me less than Ali.

Later that day we got out the twister mat and played: put your nose in the greeN, put your elbow on the red, jump on the blue. Etc. it was quite entertaining. Ali managed a forward roll and Ranger specialized in flying leaps. 

Also in case you missed it I had a guest post go up on Friday! Click on the picture to get there! 



How was your weekend? 

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2 thoughts on “Climbing, Clothes, and Twister

  1. Ascher has been loving wet chalk this summer! So bright and gorgeous!
    And how fun to try stitch fix! The tee is cute, but I would have been super tempted by the navy top. I’m sure you’ll get years of use out of the necklace tho, and you might not be able to say the same for maternity clothes. :)


    1. I should saY, the navy top if it wasn’t maternity. I can see how it would be blousey as maternity, though it’s very bump diminishing in the picture.


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