When Free is Short Hair // Five Minute Friday

Sometimes free is short hair. 

Right now, short hair is a gift and a reminder. 

It is odd because I’ve always gone back and forth between long and short and never felt this sort of attachment or affinity to the length of my hair. 

But maybe I just wasn’t cutting it short enough. Last year i had it chopped fairly short but the upkeep and daily hair drama was still more than I wanted to deal with. I figured out how to do it and liked it but didn’t feel anything  special about it. 


And then this year, I bit the bullet and finally cut it a little shorter. 

And then even a little shorter. 

And somehow this process of cutting my hair has been freeing. 

I chose to do it for me. This is how I like it. 

It’s not an attempt to conform to anything. And the daily hair drama is down to minimum because my hair likes being like this. 

But beyond the day to day hassle. 

Somehow this one little choice, choosing to do something a little bit brave and realizing it’s more me than anything I’ve tried before, is reminding me to be brave in other ways as well. 

I am free to be my own person. 

Free to be me. 

Other people’s expectations are not so important. 

It’s a visual reminder. 

To choose brave, to choose authenticity, to be myself even when I’m not sure I’ll like it. 

Somehow hair is all that right now. 

Because sometimes hair is a bigger part of your story than you thought. 





Have you ever had something seemingly trivial become more meaningful than you expected?


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3 thoughts on “When Free is Short Hair // Five Minute Friday

  1. It’s beautiful! I can’t remember having something trivial become meaningful, but I have had something meaningful become trivial. Before we got married, my husband and I were arguing about wedding rings. I said something childish and hurt his feelings, and he actually started crying. At that moment, I realized, it’s just a piece of metal. It’s more important that I marry this man, and if I never have a piece of metal, I will still have his love.

    (visiting from FMF – I’m #95)


  2. I LOVE it!!!!! Three weeks ago I cut my hair after years of being long (because I liked it that way) and feel free also! It was a precursor to turning 45 for me and I’m embracing the second half of my life in much the same way that you described in this post. Hair is how I make my living and my life and I’m passionate about it! If you have a moment, this post describes the depth of that passion. Rock the hair sister-it’s stunning on you!



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