10 about Ten // Five Minute Friday


I am one of ten kids. And that is honestly the first thing that comes to mind about ten. So here are ten things (hopefully! I’m racing the clock here) about being one of ten. 

  1. You learn quickly to tune things out if you want to read. I once tuned out a kitchen timer, somewhere around the age of 10 probably, and my mom came into the room asking why I hadn’t done something about it or taken the food out. Oops. 
  2. You get stuck on buying clothes at the thrift store. Not because you have to anymore (and actually I didn’t do it much then because hand-me-downs) but because it’s a treat to pick out your own clothes and it turns out frugal’s in your blood now. 
  3. It becomes normal to walk around in a big group of short people. –>Ok. That was my five minutes. But I want to finish the list anyway because it could be fun :) 
  4. You have to figure out how to only cook for one or two people once you’re on your own so you don’t end up with years of leftovers accidentally. Related: Buying things in bulk is a habit you have to lose so expiration dates can be heeded. 
  5. Personality differences and types can be clearly illustrated within the bounds of your family. But that may also mean you assume most of the world is introverted and extraverts are actually the minority (those oddballs.).
  6. Sharing food as an adult can be stressful because as kids it was always a competition to see who could get more of the goodie being split. I am learning to assume my husband wants me to have good things too instead of assuming he’s out to eat more and it’s a race. Odd things you realize when sharing a dessert stresses you out internally. 
  7. Laundry and dishes are a battle only won with extreme organization and dedication. There’s always a pile to get through. This sometimes translates into waiting a long time to do dishes or laundry as an adult because it’s not worth it if you don’t have enough for a full load. About that… :)
  8. You get really happy when you’re away at school and you get a birthday card with all your siblings signatures in it for the first time in your life. But that might have more to do with my love of written affirmation.
  9. As one of the oldest of the group you always have someone wanting to play with you or begging for attention. Whether you want it or not.
  10. You can pool your money with siblings to get another sibling a super-cool gift. Which sometimes lasts for decades. Hello, my older sister’s stereo/cd player. :) 

And that is a lovely random list for you. 


How many siblings do you have? 


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10 thoughts on “10 about Ten // Five Minute Friday

  1. new five minute friday friend here. Hi!
    Wow! I only had 1 sibling growing up (my big brother), but my dad’s engaged and my stepmomma-to-be has 3 kids of her own. It’s been an interesting dynamic,


    1. whoops, hit reply too soon.
      I’m pretty introverted, so having so many siblings would have overwhelmed me. My mom is the opposite- very extroverted and ended up being an only child.
      Thanks for sharing! I loved the one about cards from siblings (writing affirmation is my thing too). Very sweet! :)


  2. Wow. I can’t imagine having ten siblings, but I know you probably enjoyed it so much. Who wouldn’t you want there, right? I love the idea of big families. I only have a sister, but she is my close friends always. I can’t imagine what it would be like to have ten. I enjoyed reading your list…i bet you could include the inability to go anywhere in just one car. Or the financial stress of eating out…


  3. I was raised alone and I always wanted brothers and sisters. After marrying I thought I’d like a dozen kids but I called it complete at five. So many things befuddled me about my little hoard of five. Like, did they fight and haggle out of boredom? I’m glad I stopped by, it was nice to meet you.


  4. Loved reading this and appreciated you sharing your thoughts. I have 5 siblings, all very different and I hope eventually that my family will be made of many children with different stories and perceptions of the world and life and Jesus.


  5. Well, thrift store shopping for clothes kinda drives me insane, but absolutely about trying to figure out cooking for just a couple people. The stereo sadly croaked a couple years ago, but it was definitely a super cool gift. :)
    I think the very best thing about a big family, watching both ours and my husband’s, is the adult friendships and all the new friends you get as people marry in. And seeing how people have grown up is just fascinating. :)


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