Too Serious? {my #wholemama guestpost on Silly} 

My wholemama post is over at Esther Emery’s place this week! 

My silly kidlets: 

We are all talking about the words silly this week. Here’s a taste of my serious with silly:

“I tend to take life, and words, and actions seriously. 

Too seriously at times.

On our last date, my husband made a joke about something. Just a funny comment, but instead of laughing out loud or acknowledging the fun with him, I laughed on the inside and smiled at him, expectantly waiting for his next sentence. While at the same time he looked expectantly at me waiting for my reaction and then said, “that was supposed to be a joke.” 

I can get a little detached from humor.” 

I’d love for you to go to Esther’s for the rest of my words and find the linkup with everyone else’s words! 

We’d be so glad to have you join us! 


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2 thoughts on “Too Serious? {my #wholemama guestpost on Silly} 

  1. As always, you give me more to think about. I think we’re soul mates … or at least serious mates. Incredible that you also neglect to show on the outside what you find funny on the inside! Me too! Do you think it’s possible to change the innate person-ness of ourselves? It’s a question I’ve wondered about a lot this summer. I’d love a little counter-balance of silly to my endless serious.


    1. I should probably try to find a way to show my actual reaction more often :) i was surprised to find so many people in this linkup also struggle with silly. Though really I shouldn’t have been! Yes, let’s be serious-mates. :) sounds like an excellent combination of words to remind silly.


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