The Little Paris Bookshop {book review} 


The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George

I can’t resist the lure of a book that promises to use more of my brain then average. Anything historical, or challenging, or psychology, or really thoughtful emotional insight,  or, in this case, to do with personalities. I like my books to have that extra depth. Which is why I latched onto this piece of fiction, even though I don’t usually review fiction here. 

This seemed a promising choice. It’s about a man, Perdu, who owns a bookshop barge and then ends up traveling through the canals and channels of europe south to find peace with his past. There’s a love-interest long gone, interesting companion characters, and a love-interest in the present. All of there stories entertwine to form a sweet look into their emotional lives and how that takes a toll on there present day choices. 

Jean Perdu’s bookshop is unique.  Instead of allowing people to simply pick and buy any book, he prescribes books. A sort of “literary apothecary”. He evaluates the needs of the person’s soul and has a knack for suggesting books to help find peace with a situation, rest better at night, to mourn, to fall in love, inspire, anything really to help with the everyday woes of everyday life and to leave one feeling more how you might want to feel. a balm for the soul.

Overall, I was disappointed that this theme of literary apothecary wasn’t bigger part of the storyline, but was happy with the combination of lightness/ease of reading and slight depth. An easy book to read that draws you into an emotional story. There was a sexual scene (or two?) that went into too much detail for me. Not so bad as t make me immediately stop reading (I would have if there had been more), but enough to earn it an R rating from me. 

A good book, but not as amazing as I hoped. Though I guess those are not as common as all that anyway. 

3.5/5 stars. 

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  1. Hi Erika, Stopping by from #LiteracyMusingMondays:-) BTW, I LOVE your name and how it’s spelled! It’s my mom’s name as well as my middle name!
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