Celebratory Pause and Baby Countdown! {#WholeMama} 

We are counting down the days til this baby is due to make an appearance. At least I am. We have about 4.5 weeks and I am so looking forward to it. 

But with that knowledge comes the need to get things done. I am slated for a week of jury duty next week. I’m assuming I’ll look tOo pregnant to rely upon and get to go home. But we will see and now I’m just waiting for that to pass by for a load of stress to drop off my back. And then, once my mom and gets back from their halfway around the globe-trotting adventures in three weeks, this baby can come whenever is pleasing. happy.


Next week also brings our last week of Whole Mama Summer at Esther’s place. She so graciously hosted and prompted and encouraged us this summer. It has been so healing to find this place of interconnection between our identities as creatives, moms and spiritual people. And absolutely wonderful to greet and connect and hear the stories of all of you lovely lovely ladies along the way. 

I will be keeping up the #Wholemama linkup here throughout the year. This summer has just been so good I want it to go on and on. The linkup will be here instead of at Esther’s, the fuze call and twitter party next week will be the grand finale of summer, and our twitter parties hosted by Esther will fade into a Facebook group where we can all connect in slower time. 

I can’t wait to see how that feels as many of us fall into school-season schedules and my family drops into newborn baby mode. 


So this week we are celebrating. Esther has invited us to simply write lists of our celebrations. Because we can celebrate the ordinary and the extraordinary, if we just choose. 

So here’s my lovely and random: 

I am celebrating crayons and scissors and glue and paper. A summer pregnancy more comfortable than the last (thanks in part to not running, but also, I’m sure, to going gluten free). Feeling more whole and free in engaging creatively and sharing spiritually thoughtful things here in this space and in my home. Learning to help my children get along and play. Getting the hang of housework. Finding time to do things on my own. Making my home prettier. And the end of seven months of sharing one car and being either grounded at home or horribly and uncomfortably productive outside of it. 


I’m celebrating: the garden that has only grown beans, four cherry tomatoes and a few dozen sunflowers because it happened to produce the tomatoes in pairs perfect for the kids to eat. A randomly nice trip to two thrift stores and one grocery store where the kids decided to behave unusually well and the employees handed out free hotwheels and stuffed animals and suckers and praised them for good behavior. Making it this far in pregnancy and not feeling like a blimp or even really that big (I wonder if this has something to do with no longer owning a full length mirror? I’ll take it though). Still feeling completely like myself even as I am pregnant and wading through the terrible twos and threenager-hood and the stresses of being a grown up. 


I feel more whole and more capable so I am celebrating becoming more me along the way. 

I am celebrating only 10ish weeks until I might start running again. 

I am celebrating much time spent together and many hours outside.

I am celebrating learning to have consistent dates with my husband. Starting to find time to do things by myself. And learning to ask for help. 

It has been a growing summer for me. 

May it continue throughout the year. 

And may we all be inspired to chase and break and listen and weep and celebrate and share and find God in all the little pieces along the way. 



Join us this week as we linkup at Esther’s on Celebration! 

And stay tuned for our last twitter party and fuze chat next monday evening!

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8 thoughts on “Celebratory Pause and Baby Countdown! {#WholeMama} 

  1. “It has been a growing summer for me.

    May it continue throughout the year.

    And may we all be inspired to chase and break and listen and weep and celebrate and share and find God in all the little pieces along the way.”

    <3 it so much!


  2. How funny. I may have jury duty next week, too. I’ll be praying for you in these last weeks and looking forward to staying connected with all of you. Thank you for all you’ve done to create such a wonderful place for us.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing your celebrations and pictures! I’m so glad you are going to keep the linkup going and transitioning to a facebook page. I was thinking about how sad it would be to just abruptly end after starting to get to know you and the other #wholemama ladies. It’s been great! Blessings to you and I wish you all the best for your up and coming new arrival. I pray that all will go well!


  4. I agree with Gayl! I’m happy to know this will continue, especially as I’m just getting started. I love that you’re celebrating “learning to ask for help!”


  5. Your posts always happy me. You’re sweet, sincere, honest, and gentle. It has been a growing summer for me too – probably all of us – thank you for #wholemama. I’m not in quite the same place as all of you, but you made me feel welcome. Thank you for that too. I can’t wait to hear about the new baby!


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