What I’m Into | August 2015

August was hot, smoky, and spent primarily indoors. We managed to get through dentist appointments, doctor’s appointments, prenatal appointments, jury duty and what felt like way to many things. 

What I’m into:

Craft time!

I introduced the kids to scissors and gluesticks. And then my aunt introduced them to Color Wonder (you know those markers that only color on specific paper. magical). So we’ve been enjoying some quiett crafting time, alternated with safety instructions and ‘please don’t chew on …’,, of course.  


Storage Bins!!

Somewhere along the way I figured out how to keep the house clean I stowed all the kids toys in bins they are allowed to get out one at a time. And they’re learning to get them out and put them away. And sometimes when they haven’t seen a set of toys in a while they settle in for the long haul. Also they are finally starting to get a long a little better, so that helps. 

This method of storing things strategically ((and getting  rid of the rest) was also applied to my tupperware cabinet, my clothes, crafting items, linen closet, coat closet..etc. magical. 

School is back in session!


You wouldn’t think this means much for our little ones, but it gives me more freedom to go to the zoo, the pool, the library, and makes life easier at the park. Just to have fewer people around at the places I want to go makes me happy. Now to get it all in before baby comes…lol


These kids are so much fun. Seriously. Ali has started having adorably unintelligible, but unmistakeable, conversations where she just goes on and one about something. I love it. and it makes me laugh. 

Ranger has started to be able to pull the wool over our eyes with how’s he’s feeling. He will pretend to be pitiful and sad in the car and then bust up laughing when we finally give up trying to console him and start wondering where we messed up as parents. A tiny bit manipulative, but hilarious. 

Thrifting and painting and projects in general!


I’ve become overly accomplished at thrifting in the last few weeks. I feel like it’s just in preparation for a few weeks or months of extra non-shopping mostly-at-home time. I’ve thrifted clothes, books, toys, decorations, and most recently a lovely cute little desk! 

I painted the drawers on my desk gray last week and it already looks better. I’ll paint the rest a lovely shade of teal once Israel has time to move the body to the garage and repair a loose limb. I expect it will be lovely and pretty, but even now it is serving it’s purpose quite handily and I am writing the words. I’m excited. I want to find a chair that allows for nursing easily so mayhap I can keep using my desk after the baby comes too. 

We also got paint for the kids room (someday) and the guest bathroom (sooner someday) because it turns out we both would like more color in our lives. 

Randomness is always good!

about this picture: Cheerios are now available gluten free, my kids left me a note, and I searched the sales rack for baby sleepers that are not light pink…because I was sorting the baby clothes and the color trend was a little more than I could bear.

Other randoms:

  • I am stockpiling books for after baby. I have quite a heap of unread and rereads. And quite a few to review. 
  • I only just last week reached the point in my pregnancy where I am thinking “could I be done now??” Usually that comes a month or two sooner. So this pregnancy has been lovely in that regard. 
  • I am due in a week and a half! :) Though somehow I feel like I’ll be a few days late this time. We shall see.
  • I finally started to crochet a blanket for this baby. I started the other two kids’ way sooner so we’ll see how long this one takes to finish.
  • I am starting too many projects for being this pregnant, but I think that’s just this thing called nesting. 
  • I made about 4 dozen gf banana muffins for the freezer. yum.
  • My mom and younger sisters get back from Ethiopia in a couple days! And since I am hoping to have them help me out on this newest’s birthday, I am very glad to have them back soon!

Reading, of course!

What I read: 

Favorite: Wild in the Hollow (review coming, eventually)

What I’m Reading or about to start. 

–Embracing the Body by Tara M. Owens – because it feels appropriate as I am approaching birth again. 

–Rising Strong by Brene Brown – As I am approaching the sometimes difficult time following birth again.

— Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Rereading this because it is so empowering. (ahem..are you catching a theme here??)

–168 Hours by Laura Vanderkam – On a whim. We’ll see if I stay intrigued enough to finish at this point and time.

And #Wholemama!

The #wholemama linkup moved over to my place a couple weeks ago and is basically all I’ve writtne this month besides a couple book reviews (Asking Better Questions and Simply Tuesday, and The Little Paris Bookshop). Be sure to come check it out if you’re a mama interested in writing/talking/hashing how creating and spirituality and motherhood intertwine to a whole. 

We’d love to see you! Just for a taste, this week’s linkup (running til monday!) is on ‘purpose‘, last week’s was on ‘be’, and the week before we talked about ‘beauty‘.


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5 thoughts on “What I’m Into | August 2015

  1. Your kiddies are so cute! And whoa – you are a reading MANIAC. That’s amazing. My favourite was also Wild in the Hollow, and I absolutely love Tara Owen’s book Embracing the Body, so I can recommend that one. Hope the birth goes smoothly. I’m coming to you via Leigh Kramer’s place – I blog on being real with God in hard times over at Thorns and Gold – lovely to see you here.


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