The Plans I Have for You by Amy Parker {book review}

The Plans I Have For You

I love reading to my kids. 

But only when I can stay engaged, not have wade through miles of tongue twisters, and not have to deal with inane storylines. 

And only when my kids can stay engaged because it is not too long and the story is right at their level. 

I’m always hunting the library sheleves hunting for a winner, but only very rarely add a new book to our shelves.

This book is a winner. I picked it on a whim to review. 


My kids were immediately drawn in by the fantastically beautiful and creative illustrations.

As was I. This nurse with seven arms my favorite little piece of all the illustrations.


And the story as written a la Dr. Seuess’ ‘The Places You’ll Go’. Lyrical rhyming lines about what God wants to do with each of us inspired by Jeremiah 29:11. The pictures are colorful and the people and jobs they fill are diverse. 

It is a fun book that encourages kids to think about what they want to do and how God makes them able to do all different things.


I loved this book. 

My kids loved this book. 

And we read it often.

Well made, well written, beautifully illustrated, lovely ideas, readable and repeatable. 5/5 stars.


((I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from


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